Best Fixed Gear Bikes Under £1000

Best Fixed Gear Bikes Under £1000 (January 2021)

Updated - January 1, 2021

The best fixie bikes under £1000 are popular due to their simple design and easy to maintain mechanism. Only essential elements are mounted on the frame. The fewer parts there are, the fewer malfunctions can occur. However, there are few things that have to be considered before buying any type of a bike including a fixie bike.

  • Material. Fixie bike frames are usually lightweight and simple. Aluminium frame (aluminum if you’re in the states) models are popular as they combine lightweight and cost effective. Very few come with front and rear brakes. However having a lightweight rear hub, frame and fork is a great start when looking for the best single-speed bike for you.
  • Design. Finding the best single speed bike frame design is tough and you’ll definitely want to take some time to make sure you do find the best frame and fork design. Also models with rear brakes are hard to come by. The rear hub is also important. The best rear hubs designs can allow you to swap between being a single speed bike and being a fixed gear bike. This is sometimes referred to as a flip-flop hub.
  • Size. Finding the one single-speed bike that suits your physic perfectly can be a challenge. Again this can come down to you choosing the fixies bikes with the right frame and fork for you.
  • Price. The more you can spend the better, you’re going to be using this bike regularly for a long time. Cutting corners on the price can lead to spending more down the line or abandoning the idea of using the bike due to the experience not being the best one you could have had.

The fixed gear mechanism dates back to the time when the first bicycle was constructed.

Flip-Flop Hubs

The best fixed gear bikes under £1000 can be equipped with a flip-flop hub, which means you will ride your bike either as a fixed-gear or a single-speed with a freewheel. Being able to switch between fixed gear and single speed was a rarity a decade ago. Today it almost comes as a standard feature on all single-speed bikes.

With a fixed gear, the movements of your bike correlate directly with your pedaling. The faster and harder you go, the faster and harder you will go.

A single/fixed gear bike should be very light weight due to the specific components selected. It should have high quality wheels for comfort while commuting and to keep you firmly on the road at all times.

Some say the purest form of cycling is achieved using a single speed or fixed gear bicycle. The bike and you are in perfect harmony with each other. No fancy components or overcomplicated gadgets. Just you, the bike and the open road.

Single speed and fixed gear bikes usually have shorter crank lengths than standard bikes. This is because you’ll be pedalling faster and most constantly. Shorter cranks are much easier on your knees and so you’ll be able to keep up this physical exertion for longer. Another reason is with a fixed gear bike you’ll need to pedal even while going around corners. Having a shorter crank allows you to lean the bike without striking the pedal on the floor.

Build Your Own Best Fixed Gear Bikes Under £1000

Fixed gear and single speed bikes usually arrive with some construction being required to get your road worthy. Luckily fixed gear and single speed bikes are a lot of fun to build. Partially because of how simply their design is. You can easily build the best fixed gear bikes under £1000 within a few hours, give or take a few breaks. Some fixie bike companies actually only provide you with components. It’s a sort of ‘pick & mix’ so you can create your dream bike and build it yourself.

Regardless of whether you prefer a drop-bar or flat bar bike, single speed bikes or fixed gear bikes, aluminium frame or carbon fiber frame, you can find a bike with most or all of these features for less than £1000.

When it comes it simple cycling, the fixed gear and single speed models are the first and last place you need to look. No shift cables, gears, complex braking systems or heavy suspensions. At worst you’ll have a small flip-flop hub to deal with. By locking the drive train to the rear wheel, great acceleration can be achieved while keeping the overall weight of the bike down.

Fixed Gear Bikes Popularity

The best fixed geared bikes under £1000 have become overwhelmingly popular in recent years. They are different because of the way the cogs are connected directly to the pedals motion. It’s usual for the back wheels to have a small gear attached to them. The bike’s chain attaches to the teeth, which rotates the chain. As compared to the other all-terrain bikes , fixed gear bikes are often lighter and can cost a lot less. This combination makes them quite appealing to those who live in cities or places where they need to carry their bike up and down stairs etc.

Single speed bikes you much higher manoeuvrability, and a more satisfying riding experience since the drivetrains allows you to transfer more power efficiently to the wheels. This increased efficiency means that you end up using less energy to travel over long distances.

The fixie bikes with gears also offer the advantage of simplicity. The natural design of the bike makes it a single-speed bike. The challenge being finding the fixie bike with gears that best serves your needs for under £1000.

Best Fixed Gear Bikes Under £1000
  1. FabricBike Fixed Gear Folding Bike - it's probably not the cheapest or the lightest portable bike to be found but we really like its solid well-finished presentation.


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FabricBike Fixed Gear Folding Bike

FabricBike Fixed Gear Folding Bike

  • ✔ Lightweight Aluminium Foldable Frame
  • ✔ Promax Alloy V Brakes
  • ✔ Water Dispersion Tyres
  • ✖ No Mud Guards
it's probably not the cheapest or the lightest portable bike to be found but we really like its solid well-finished presentation.
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The FabricBike fixed gear folding bike is the perfect urban bicycle to commute and move quickly and comfortably through the city. Thanks to its easy folding system, lightness and small dimensions you can take it anywhere. With FabricBike Folding your transport is foldable.

  • Lightweight aluminum foldable bike SINGLE SPEED 18T, perfect for commuting and easy to carry and store.
  • 20″ rims for fast acceleration. Promax Alloy Brakes offer progressive braking.
  • High-quality components: Water dispersion tyres, ergonomic grips and comfortable saddle.
  • It easily folds down to a portable size (25.4×76.2×55.9 cm) so you can take it anywhere.
  • Adjustable handlebar and saddle to fit different riders. Recommended weight limit: 95 kg.

We really like the look of this bike, it’s a no thrills example of what you can get for a cheap price if you’re simply looking for sleek, raw functionality.

Here are a few previous customer reviews that caught our eyes

“Arrived quick and well protected, nicely finished and everything working as it should be.”

“My personal experience is poor, taking into an account the amount of problems during the relatively short time of usage.”

“Lightweight and easy to fold away.”

“Fast delivery. The bike rides very smoothly and sits comfortably.”

The design is so fresh and nice :D”