SAVA Disc Carbon Road Bike

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The Disc Carbon Road Bike is a high performance carbon road bike built for the discerning cyclist looking for reliability, power, and speed. Built around a carbon frame and fork, it comes equipped with disc brakes to deliver strong stopping power in any condition. When you need a powerful performance bike that will get you places fast, this one will do the trick.

A lightweight carbon road bike that provides a solid ride. Every part of the frame is built with high-quality carbon fiber, and the disc brakes provide powerful braking in all conditions. The Disc Carbon Road Bike is a great choice for the everyday cyclist.

We really like this bike, much like many of the other Sava road bike models. Here’s a carbon road bike that’ll let you enjoy cycling without breaking the bank. The Disc Carbon Road Bike is equipped with disc brakes for great stopping power, and a lightweight carbon frame that’s strong and durable. Plus, it has an excellent track record of reliability.