Best Road Bikes Under £500

Top 2 Best Road Bikes Under £500 (January 2021)

Updated - January 1, 2021

So you’re looking for the best road bikes under £500? With a budget of £500 it’s possible to find a good road bike. A road bike that will hopefully last several years and need minimum maintenance due to its quality and design.


£500 allows us to start looking at carbon composite bike frames. This reduces the weight of the road bikes even further. We will also consider branded tyres and brake systems.

Lightweight road bikes will be our main focus as aluminium and carbon fibre frames will become more apparent with a budget of £500. We only consider a bike that offers value for money, great performance when compared to other bikes within the £500 groupset.


Disc brakes are something that £500 allows us to consider. However models that use racing technology such as front and rear disc brakes may make use of bottom bracket features elsewhere to maintain their price point and remain a considerably cheap road bike.

Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre isn’t a deal breaker at the £500 budget. We want to choose the right brakes, frame and handlebars to make our cycling enjoyable all the time. Especially if you spend time long times riding on a range of different roads and race tracks.


Balancing a road bikes value for money against its endurance and specialised design can make getting the road bikes specification a difficult job. You can expect the best road bikes under £500 to be comfortable. This is because they’re lighter and more durable than the lower tier ‘cheap road bikes’. You can also expect the best examples to come with aluminium frames and front full carbon fork.

After all the latest road bikes have been designed to ride quick while maintaining comfort regardless of speed.

Alloy wheels might become affordable with some of the best cheap road cycling options around our guide price. Steel is solid but isn’t as lightweight. Full carbon fibre would be the dream however might not match out price point.

Hopefully the list below will give you some indication of the best road bikes under £500 on offer and what great value bikes you can get for your money.

Best Road Bikes Under £500 - Top 2
  1. FabricBike Commuter Hybrid Bike - This hybrid road bike really does look the part. We particularly like the frame design, how the top bar curves and thins at the same time. FabricBike have made a great looking commuter bike here.
  2. Eurobike XC7000 - The XC7000 is the perfect bike for those who like a sharp looking bike but don't want to pay a lot of money for that racing look.


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FabricBike Commuter Hybrid Bike

FabricBike Commuter Hybrid Bike

  • ✔ Twist Shifters Ad Tektro ML520 Ergonomic Brake Levers
  • ✔ 8 Speed SRAM Shift Levers
  • ✔ Newly Designed WTB Comfort V Saddle
  • ✔ Tektro M280 Disc Brakes
This hybrid road bike really does look the part. We particularly like the frame design, how the top bar curves and thins at the same time. FabricBike have made a great looking commuter bike here.
Be Advised - Possibly Low Stock
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A versatile hybrid urban bike ideal for commuting, building fitness, and exploring your local roads. Flat upright handlebars complement a more aggressive frame design for a comfortable and speedy ride. Built on a durable and lightweight 4130 chromoly steel frame set that is stronger than aluminium and can absorb more road vibrations. The frame set includes rack and fender mounts for hauling groceries or heading to work.

TheWTB Slick 700x32c tires minimise rolling resistance and provide cornering grip and water dispersion. Extra comfortable WTB cushioned saddle with broad sit bone support. Equipped with SRAM 8 speed to be fast on the road or to hustle up a sudden incline in style. The FabricBike can stop quickly as it’s got Tektro M28 low-maintenance mechanical brakes for precise all-weather stopping power.

Here is an happy customers review of the FabricBike Commuter

“A very well made bike with quality parts. Great to ride and zippy. Feels very responsive on the road.”

Eurobike XC7000

Eurobike XC7000

  • ✔ Aluminium Frame
  • ✔ 14 Speed Shimano Shifters
  • ✔ Lightweight 34 Pounds Racing Design
  • ✔ Lifetime Frame Warranty
The XC7000 is the perfect bike for those who like a sharp looking bike but don't want to pay a lot of money for that racing look.

The XC7000 Road Bike was designed with racing in mind. The lightweight aluminium frame and carbon fork are perfect for riders who enjoy the freedom of a lightweight bike. A sporty design gives you a smooth, comfortable ride.

Adventurous adventurers who don’t mind spending a little more money on bike-fit and accessories. The XC7000 is the perfect bike for long days in the saddle, whether you’re riding on rough terrain or pavement. With its unique racing design and excellent component quality, this full-suspension road bike features a lightweight aluminium frame for incredible stability and a sleek look that even professional racers will appreciate.

The bike is well reviewed by previous customers and scores a relatively acceptable rating across the board. Final thoughts from the team would be that the XC7000 is a lightweight racing bike that offers quality and reliability at an affordable price. Well worth considering.

What's the best road bike I can get for £500?

With a £500 budget we think you’re in the right place. This list holds all the bikes that we recommend after researching lots of sources, reviews and articles. We only put the bikes that we feel ‘hit the spot’ into our review lists so you can be sure you’re looking at some great road bikes if you’re in the market to buy.

What To Expect

With a road bike budget of £500 we’re starting to enter the realm of semi-professional road bikes. We can start to enhance our expectations and hope for low weight bike frames and high quality components. We’ve got several mid tier bikes on offer in this list each with a selection of premium features. We can start to expect some of the features seen on the bikes in the list best road bikes under £1000.


As said above, the materials used when we have £500 on the table are better, lighter and more responsive than in the budget range. Specialised road bike types start to appear in our list including racing and touring road bikes. Each offering advantages to the rider and fulfilling specific tasks better than others.

Common Features

Many of these road bikes come with racing elements. Some have racing saddles for rider comfort. Some provide racing styled drop handlebars in order to provide comfortable hand positions for the rider. Some of the road bikes listed here go all out and provide a completely ‘racing’ look and feel the bike.

Additional Features

Some of the additional features of this range of bikes include double walled alloy rims, offering enhanced strength to the bikes wheels while maintaining a low weight. Sports saddles are also very common with these bikes providing the riders with higher levels of comfort compared to their budget counterparts. Many come with little extras like luggage storage, bottle holders or pedal straps.

Is It Worth It?

Absolutely, when we look at the increase in quality we see in comparison to some of the lower priced road bikes it’s definitely a case of ‘if you have the money, get the higher quality bike’.

What are the best road bikes for the money?

This is a very difficult question, simply because ‘for the money’ could mean any price range. We’ve done our best to split the price ranges into individual pages filled with the road bikes that we think are the best options on the market right now. We update these lists regularly and do our best to make sure we only provide reviews for bikes that are readily available.

What are the best road bikes for beginners?

Beginners are sometimes inclined to get the cheapest option available to them. After all, they’re not sure this is something they will continue or even enjoy in the first place. Our most appropriate advise in this situation is that although investing huge amounts is not advisable, if you were to get the cheapest bike on the market it may cause your experience to be worse than if you were to get a well reviewed ‘beginners’ model reviewed by those that know the industry well. We’d highly recommend you take a look at some of our cheaper price road bike review lists before making a decision on what to choose. That way at least you know that the bike you choose is good enough that is has at least made it onto our list. We update these lists regularly so you can be sure you’ll find the best bikes on the market within these lists.

Are cheap road bikes any good?

The definition if cheap is important in this answer. If by cheap we simply mean the the road bike doesn’t cost a huge sum of money, then it is possible that this bike could still be quite good. Although if the bike isn’t costing you that much and the seller is to make a profit, the components must be collectively cheaper than the price you pay for the item. If however the definition of cheap is directly aimed at the component and materials used then more often than not a cheap road bike is not a good investment. We recommend viewing our ‘Best Road Bike’ product reviews for every budget to make sure you find a bike that is less ‘cheap’ and more of a ‘bargain’.

What is a good price for a road bike?

Road bikes much like cars, come in all sorts of models, designs and finishes. Many have technological and engineering adaptations that can add hundreds if not thousands of pounds to the price tag. A good price for a road bike is one that falls within your budget yet provides you with a bike that is better than all the others also within your budget. A vague answer I know, but as specific as can be for the question at hand. We only put road bikes on our review lists that we feel are good enough to be deemed the best in their market. Take a look one of our road bike review lists that suits your budget.

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