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Top 6 Best Road Bikes Under £500

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Updated - January 14, 2020

With a budget of £500 it’s possible to find a good road bike that will hopefully last several years and need minimum maintenance due to it’s quality and design. £500 allows us to start looking at carbon composite bike frames to reduce the weight of the road bikes even further and consider branded tyres and brake systems. Hopefully the list below will give you some indication of the types of bikes on offer and what you can get for your money.

Top 6 Best Road Bikes Under £500
  • Ammaco CS450 Road Bike - Delivers a fun and enjoyable ride experience.
  • Whistle Nakoda 1481 Road Bike - An enjoyably fun bike that ticks all the boxes
  • Ammaco XRS650 Road Bike - A very good bike offering a very good ride quality.
  • Vitesse Sprint Unisex Blue Road Bike -
  • Legnano 590 Corsa Road Bike - Overall this bike is a great investment.
  • Indigo Regency Tour Road Bike - A great example of a road bike with touring features.


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Ammaco CS450 Road Bike

Ammaco CS450 Road Bike

Delivers a fun and enjoyable ride experience.

The Ammaco CS450 road bike comes in a nice red and black design. It screams quality all over the bike and the components used back up that claim.

The Ammaco CS450 road bike has a beautiful black and red alloy frame with steel forks. The bike comes with black curved handlebars that house the Shimano integrated brake and gear levers that connect to the 14 speed Shimano gearing mechanism. This road bike’s handlebars are extremely comfortable to use and feel great. The Ammaco CS450 road bike’s wheels are made of a tough double walled alloy and are 700c in terms of size. The bike comes with black pedals and grey chain rings. Usually the chain ring matches the chain but in this case the chain is black. The whole design works well together and gives a real sporty feel to this bike. The saddle is a sports model that has several adjustable components including the usual height and angle. This is mounted on an alloy base provided in a chrome effect. The bike swaps gears very easily and the integrated brakes and gears work well without getting in each others way.

The Ammaco CS450 road bike definitely starts to shine in the brakes category. This road bike comes with powerful Zoom disc brakes at both the front and the rear of the bike. This sort of setup is rarely seen in this bikes price bracket and is a huge selling point when considering the best bike for you. As you can imagine the braking response is superb and when matched with the very easy to engage brake levers it’s clear this bike is well built in the brakes department.

With 700c x 25c tyres the Ammaco CS450 road bike is designed to glide over the surface of the road and avoid any unnecessary drag. The tyres seem to be of a high standard and aren’t a concern even for the more committed riders to consider changing immediately. The tyres seem quite hard and durable so hopefully they will last a long time if damage or punctures are avoided.

The Ammaco CS450 road bike is a very comfortable bike. It’s handlebars are exceptionally good on this bike, the position of the rider is almost perfect allowing long journeys on the bike to be easily achievable. The bike feels sporty and the brakes enhance that feeling as they response really well to the riders instruction. On a flat surface this bike rides excellently and glides over the surface with ease.

The Ammaco CS450’s design is great. It’s colour scheme and ride of this bike screams racing bike. A great example of a bike that doesn’t cost the earth however delivers a fun and enjoyable ride experience with high quality components across the board.

Whistle Nakoda 1481 Road Bike

Whistle Nakoda 1481 Road Bike

An enjoyably fun bike that ticks all the boxes

A road racing bike if ever you saw one. The Whistle Nakoda 1481 road bike’s design and style screams racing bike. The material and components used with the bike support this statement.

The Whistle Nakoda 1481 road bike comes with a lightweight alloy frame with detachable rear gear hanger. The frame is styled in a combination of black, silver and lime green. It’s covered in logo and branding as you would imagine most professional racers bikes are. The road bike comes with a carbon composite fork that continues the frames style. The handlebars are flat which is surprising as many racing bikes handlebars are dropped. The handlebars are primarily black but feature the lime green used in the frame. The Whistle Nakoda 1481 road bike comes equipped with the Shimano 2300 series 16 speed gear system. The handlebars have Shimano STI shifters mounted, these shifters are very easy to use and change almost effortlessly. The bike has 700c alloy Airline double walled 24 hole black rims, the wheels are equipped with a quick release mechanism to quickly remove the front wheel for storage or transportation purposes. The Whistle Nakoda 1481 has a Whistle sports saddle with an Kalloy micro adjustable seat post. The bike comes with silver pedals as well as black toe clips and straps. As this is a racing themed road bike it’s quite fitting that it is one of the lightest bikes on the market at only 10.1kg.

The Whistle Nakoda 1481 road bike has Shimano brake levers linked to dual pivot quick release alloy brakes. These help to keep the bikes weight to a minimum while making sure the rider is capable of slowing or stopping the bike quickly and safely. The brakes respond well to the riders input so no complaints here.

The Whistle Nakoda 1481 road bike has 700c x 23c Cheng Shin tyres. These are remarkable thin and allow the bike to cut through the air and minimise drag. The tyres feel of a high quality and will satisfy even the most advanced riders need for performance.

Comfort isn’t a road bikes specialty and the Whistle Nakoda 1481 is no exception. With zero suspension and low profile thin tyres the bike has very little to offer in terms of protection from uneven terrain however on a flat smooth surface this bike surpasses all expectations. It offers the rider a smooth and comfortable ride throughout.

An enjoyably fun bike that ticks all the boxes in terms of style, design, quality and entertainment.

Ammaco XRS650 Road Bike

Ammaco XRS650 Road Bike

A very good bike offering a very good ride quality.

The Ammaco XRS650 is a high quality road bike for a very competitive price. It’s striking white colour or ultra thin saddle design offer the rider a very smart, modern look and feel.

The Ammaco XRS650 road bike’s frame is made of heat treated alloy attached to alloy forks. Although the bike looks formidable the alloy components allow the Ammaco XRS650 to be lightweight weighing only 11.5kgs. This is a very impressive weight considering road bikes average at about 14kgs usually. This will help with transportation of the bike allowing the rider to easily lift the bike for travel or storage etc. The Ammaco XRS650 road bike comes in brilliant white with designs and logos in black. The drop handlebars are black and provided a comfortable resting position for the riders hands. The Ammaco XRS650 road bike is equipped with a 18 speed Shimano Sora mechanism and STI shifters. These shifters offer easy to trigger gear changes and help keep the bike riding smoothly when transitioning up or down gears. The bike is also equipped with double walled alloy airline wheels. These wheels are a nice design and offer a quick release mechanism on the front wheel. This will help if you plan on transporting the bike in the car for example. The Ammaco XRS650 road bike comes with standard pedals in gloss white that include toe clips to help you keep your footing when riding. The saddle on the Ammaco XRS650 is an ultra thin comfortable sports saddle. It offers the rider the ability to adjust the height however doesn’t seem to offer angle adjustments. This isn’t an issue for most as the saddle is surprisingly comfortable. It’s lightweight look is very modern and sleek, offering a look that isn’t common with road bikes usually. The 18 speed gear mechanism is fluent and smooth to transition between gears and gives the rider more than enough to face the variety of road you’re likely to face on this road bike.

The Ammaco XRS650 road bike comes with Shimano Sora dual pivot calliper brakes. These brakes do the trick when engaged and safely stop the bike in a prompt fashion. Overall the brakes are more than adequate for this bike and wouldn’t need to be changed immediately by most riders. The brakes are configurable and may need small adjustments from time to time to maintain the brake pads for as long as possible.

The Ammaco XRS650’s tyres are a very thin traditional road bike tyre. They are well styled offering a red strip that follows the tread for the whole tyre and seem to avoid any unnecessary drag by keeping the surface area touching the ground to a minimum.

The bike is very comfortable to sit on and the drop handlebars are equally as comfortable as the thin sports saddle. The bike looks great out on the road and will offer the rider a consistently high quality ride with little or no vibration on smooth surfaces. A very good bike offering a very good ride quality.

The Ammaco XRS650 road bike is a great bike for the price. It is made using high quality components and looks like it will provide the rider with years of fun, enjoyable riding capability. The red strip on the tyres is very stylish and finishes off a very smart, sporty design echoed throughout the entire road bike.

Best Of The Rest

Vitesse Sprint Unisex Blue Road Bike

Vitesse Sprint Unisex Blue Road Bike

The Vitesse Sprint Unisex road bike is very eye catching. It’s an alloy framed road bike that looks like a racing bike.

When you look at a road bike that is less than £500 you’re not always expecting to see a beautiful designed bike. The Vitesse Sprint Unisex road bike is an exception to that rule. The bike comes in a beautiful metallic blue with white streaks throughout. The frame weighs in at 14.5kg and is significantly chunkier than the average road bike. The handlebars are ergonomically designed for comfort and offer mounted rotational gear shifters to allow the rider an easy way of shifting gears quickly and fluently. The Vitesse Sprint Unisex road bike comes with 24″ wheels in a chrome colour. These wheels are not quick release. The road bike comes with chrome pedals included so no extra pedals needed to get up and running. The saddle comes in black and is well received with previous owners reviews and is easily adjustable to allow you to find your perfect setup. The bike comes with 21-speed Shimano gears so you’re well prepared for any kind of journey regardless of incline.

The Vitesse Sprint Unisex road bike comes with a front and rear dual pivot calliper braking system. This offers the rider exceptionally responsive braking when engaged. The brakes have been reviewed to be quite sensitive however this can be adjusted to your preference. The Brakes last years with minimal attention needed (depending on your usage) so this bike seems like a good option if you’re looking for a bike that needs very little maintenance.

The bikes comes with slimline 700c x 28c silver lined tyres. These offer a great combination of grip and aerodynamics. Previous owners have reported good experiences with these tyres and are quite happy with their performance, durability and traction.

The bike rides very comfortably on smooth surfaces, however current owners report poor comfort on bike trails. This is expected as it is road bike rather than off road bmx or mountain bike.

Overall this bike is a very strong, durable bike. It is a great option if you’re looking for a bike that will last you several years without costing a fortune. The bikes design is very appealing and has similarities to racing bikes rather than conventional road bikes.A great road bike well worth considering.

Legnano 590 Corsa Road Bike

Legnano 590 Corsa Road Bike

Overall this bike is a great investment.

The Legnano 590 Corsa road bike has a nice look to it. It comes in an attractive light green colour and has an interesting spoke design.

The Legnano 590 Corsa road bike has a 28″ aluminium frame with aluminium fork. The bike frame weighs a total of 14.9kgs so is slightly above the average road bike’s weight of 14kgs but not by much. The road bike is presented in a light green colour which is very nice and not many other road bikes come in green so if you’re looking for a green road bike this is one of the few you’ve got to choose from. The Legnano 590 Corsa road bike has a Shimano 27 speed gear package with Sora Shimano RD3500 shifters that offer the rider a comfortable and easy way to shift gears while on the bike. The handlebars the Shimano shifters are mounted on is a flat bar model in black. The bikes comes with a drinks holder attached to the frame as standard. The Legnano 590 Corsa’s wheels are Running 28″ Aluminium 700c x 25c. The bike comes with black and silver plastic pedals as standard. The saddle included on the Legnano 590 Corsa is an ‘Road Running Saddle’, it is adjustable in terms of height and angle and comes in white. It sits at the top of a 300mm aluminium seat post coloured in black to match the handlebars and gear mechanism.

The brakes provided on the Legnano 590 Corsa road bike are Shimano HG50 9 V cassette 12/25T running brakes. In terms of performance they respond well to the levers and are more than capable of stopping the bike in a timely manner. The brake levers aren’t overly sensitive which is good for the rider as the last thing you need is brakes that react too quickly and send the bike out of control. Gradual speed reduction is easy with these brakes and that is simply down to the sensitivity of the brakes being well balanced.

The Legnano 590 Corsa road bike comes with generic road tyres. Details on these tyres are hard to come by. The tyres look thin by design in order to keep friction and drag to a minimum, the tread is light and would further support the suggestion that less drag is the main aim of these tyres. Perhaps the more serious riders would look to replace these tyres for some better known ones however they seem to do the trick and wouldn’t need to be changed at all.

The bike is comfortable to sit on and offers an enjoyable ride on flat smooth surfaces. It’s difficult to condemn a road bike for it’s lack of suspension or inability to deal with uneven terrain so all in all for general road conditions this bike is more than acceptable when it comes to ride quality and comfort.

The Legnano 590 Corsa road bike is a very interesting bike. It’s colour is a huge positive as it’s different to the normal colour schemes of most road bikes, bright colours or blacks and whites. The pale lime green offers a subtle alternative to the very ‘in your face’ reds and blues available on the market. The ride comfort is very high despite the tyres being of an unknown brand. Overall this bike is a great investment and a pleasing option currently at less than £500.

Indigo Regency Tour Road Bike

Indigo Regency Tour Road Bike

A great example of a road bike with touring features.

The Indigo Regency Tour road bike offers some quality features to an already impressive collection of components. The bike is designed for long haul rides or daily commutes where luggage is an important factor to consider.

The Indigo Regency Tour road bike could be described as a ‘starter touring bike’, it combines the design and advantages of a road bike with the benefits and features of a touring bike. The frame is made from a lightweight alloy and attaches to a 700c steel fork. The bike is slightly on the heavy side at 15kg but considering it’s features this is a small compromise to make as most road bikes are around the 14kg mark. The frame comes in midnight blue which is a very nice colour. The bikes frame leads to a drop handlebar setup finished in black. The Indigo Regency Tour road bike has a 24 speed Shimano gear set and the shifters on the handlebars are Shimano 2200 STI shifters. These are slick and effortless in their gear changes and really help maintain a smooth experience for the rider. The Indigo Regency Tour boasts strong double walled ally rims for added strength and lightweight alloy hubs with quick release for easy storage and transportation. The Indigo Regency Tour comes with lots of ‘touring’ extras that you won’t see on your standard road bike. Full length mudguards at the front and back of the bike offer the rider some protection to keep them clean. The bike is also equipped with an alloy rear carrier to offer superb luggage capability. The Indigo Regency Tour isn’t done yet. It comes with a sports saddle to keep the rider comfortable for long rides or commutes and also comes with road bike pedals with toe clips to help the rider maintain a good foothold while riding.

The Indigo Regency Tour road bike comes with Shimano calliper brakes that are very responsive when engaged. The bike’s brake levers aren’t overly sensitive and offer an intuitive level or response when the rider starts to pull. Overall the brakes are more than adequate and won’t need to be changed even for the more hardcore riders.

The tyres on the Indigo Regency Tour are 35mm small block tyres. They come with a puncture protection belt which is a huge bonus and should help you avoid journey delaying punctures while out and about on your bike. The tyres are quite hard and should therefore last a long time if damage is avoided. No problems with grip were reported when the brakes were used so everything seems good in this department.

The ride of most road bikes is difficult to measure as they have no suspension to judge. However in terms of ride comfort the ability to store your luggage on the bike rathe than your back is a huge plus. The bikes mudguards almost guarantee you’ll arrive at your destination without the usual mud marks from kicked up dirt. The comfortable saddle and handlebars mean the rider isn’t uncomfortable while riding. Overall the ride comfort of the bike when measured appropriately is very good.

If you’re looking for a long distance bike this one has to be a serious contender if it’s in your price range. It may be a little on the heavy side but the perks far outweigh (no pun intended) the problems the added weight can cause. A great example of a road bike with touring features.

What To Expect

With a road bike budget of £500 we’re starting to enter the realm of semi-professional road bikes. We can start to enhance our expectations and hope for low weight bike frames and high quality components. We’ve got several mid tier bikes on offer in this list each with a selection of premium features. We can start to expect some of the features seen on the bikes in the list best road bikes under £1000.


As said above, the materials used when we have £500 on the table are better, lighter and more responsive than in the budget range. Specialised road bike types start to appear in our list including racing and touring road bikes. Each offering advantages to the rider and fulfilling specific tasks better than others.

Common Features

Many of these road bikes come with racing elements. Some have racing saddles for rider comfort. Some provide racing styled drop handlebars in order to provide comfortable hand positions for the rider. Some of the road bikes listed here go all out and provide a completely ‘racing’ look and feel the bike.

Additional Features

Some of the additional features of this range of bikes include double walled alloy rims, offering enhanced strength to the bikes wheels while maintaining a low weight. Sports saddles are also very common with these bikes providing the riders with higher levels of comfort compared to their budget counterparts. Many come with little extras like luggage storage, bottle holders or pedal straps.

Worth It?

Absolutely, when we look at the increase in quality we see in comparison to some of the lower priced road bikes it’s definitely a case of ‘if you have the money, get the higher quality bike’.

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