SAVA Herd 9.0 Carbon Road Bike

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You’ve been looking for a bike that’s as good on the road as it is on the terrains. Look no further. The Herd 9.0 is designed with you in mind, but still has all the functionality and durability you need for riding in all conditions. The lightweight, carbon fiber frame provides comfort and efficiency in any kind of weather, while its sporty design helps you easily navigate through your daily commute or weekend adventures without compromising on performance or style. It uses carbon fiber tubes for its frame and fork, so you get an ultra-lightweight bike that weighs in at a mere 8.2 kilograms.

The Herd 9.0 Carbon Road Bike is a great choice for the serious racer that wants to ride fast, but doesn’t want to spend a lot on the bike. This bike’s geometry is aggressive, so it is light enough for speedy riding without sacrificing comfort. The carbon fiber frame gives this bike an overall high quality feel that will last for years to come.

The Herd 9.0 is a lightweight, high-quality carbon fiber racing frame with the same geometry as our top-of-the-line road bikes. Thanks to its high quality carbon fiber, this bike will last you for years and years of fast, furious fun on the road. The Herd 9.0 is designed for speed and lightweight performance. It has oversized forged dropouts that allow the wheels to spin freely, so you can whip through corners with the aggressive angles of this bike’s geometry. It also has a rigid seatpost and a rear derailleur hanger that’s made from steel, which gives it a powerful feel on the road.

An absolutely fantastic bike, at a fair price. If you’re looking for a solid bike thats recommended by us and many others. This is the bike for you.