Atala SLR 200 Road Bike

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The Atala SLR 200 road bike, a sporty design with real quality components.

The Atala SLR 200 road bike is a beautiful bike. It’s designed in a racing fashion and really hits the spot in terms of style and colour. The Kenisis 7005 aluminium frame is coloured in black, red ad white. It’s covered in logos and branding. The aluminium frame leads to carbon composite Kenisis forks finished in black. The bike weighs an impressively low 10.2kgs making it a good choice if you need to carry the bike up some stairs etc. The Atala SLR 200 has dropped handlebars offering a comfortable position for the riders hands. The Atala SLR 200 also has an 18 speed Shimano Sora gear mechanism that are controlled via the Shimano Sora dual action brake and gear control grips. The road bike comes with pedals with toe grips and straps so no need to purchase these separately. In terms of wheels the Atala SLR 200 comes with 28″ Byte Roubaix Radial spoked wheels with lightweight allow rims. The saddle on the SLR 200 is a padded Selle Royal sports saddle, it is a very thin saddle that still manages to achieve a high level of comfort for the rider.

The Atala SLR 200 road bike has front and rear calliper brakes and uses the dual action Shimano Sora levers to control them. The brakes are pretty high quality and the pads are better than budget ones on lower priced bikes. The brakes work well without being overly sensitive. The response of the brakes is very impressive.

The Atala SLR 200 road bike comes with road racing 700 x 23 bike tyres. These tyres are very high quality and will be good enough for all levels of riders. As they are road tyres you will be fine using the bike on the road without needing to swap for suitable tyres. Overall the tyres look great.

Ride comfort is not a huge concern with road bikes, with zero suspension it’s difficult to expect much in terms of protection from bumps and uneven terrain. When on a flat surface the bike performs really well and in reality if you stick to the roads and avoid the pot holes you’ll be fine.

What an excellent bike, it’s a beautifully designed machine with really good components so it performs as well as it looks. With so many options in this price range it’s difficult to pick and outright favourite but if speed is your thing and you want your bike to look the part then this is one of the few that would meet your expectation.