Whistle Nakoda 1481 Road Bike

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A road racing bike if ever you saw one. The Whistle Nakoda 1481 road bike’s design and style screams racing bike. The material and components used with the bike support this statement.

The Whistle Nakoda 1481 road bike comes with a lightweight alloy frame with detachable rear gear hanger. The frame is styled in a combination of black, silver and lime green. It’s covered in logo and branding as you would imagine most professional racers bikes are. The road bike comes with a carbon composite fork that continues the frames style. The handlebars are flat which is surprising as many racing bikes handlebars are dropped. The handlebars are primarily black but feature the lime green used in the frame. The Whistle Nakoda 1481 road bike comes equipped with the Shimano 2300 series 16 speed gear system. The handlebars have Shimano STI shifters mounted, these shifters are very easy to use and change almost effortlessly. The bike has 700c alloy Airline double walled 24 hole black rims, the wheels are equipped with a quick release mechanism to quickly remove the front wheel for storage or transportation purposes. The Whistle Nakoda 1481 has a Whistle sports saddle with an Kalloy micro adjustable seat post. The bike comes with silver pedals as well as black toe clips and straps. As this is a racing themed road bike it’s quite fitting that it is one of the lightest bikes on the market at only 10.1kg.

The Whistle Nakoda 1481 road bike has Shimano brake levers linked to dual pivot quick release alloy brakes. These help to keep the bikes weight to a minimum while making sure the rider is capable of slowing or stopping the bike quickly and safely. The brakes respond well to the riders input so no complaints here.

The Whistle Nakoda 1481 road bike has 700c x 23c Cheng Shin tyres. These are remarkable thin and allow the bike to cut through the air and minimise drag. The tyres feel of a high quality and will satisfy even the most advanced riders need for performance.

Comfort isn’t a road bikes specialty and the Whistle Nakoda 1481 is no exception. With zero suspension and low profile thin tyres the bike has very little to offer in terms of protection from uneven terrain however on a flat smooth surface this bike surpasses all expectations. It offers the rider a smooth and comfortable ride throughout.

An enjoyably fun bike that ticks all the boxes in terms of style, design, quality and entertainment.