Ammaco XRS650 Road Bike

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The Ammaco XRS650 is a high quality road bike for a very competitive price. It’s striking white colour or ultra thin saddle design offer the rider a very smart, modern look and feel.

The Ammaco XRS650 road bike’s frame is made of heat treated alloy attached to alloy forks. Although the bike looks formidable the alloy components allow the Ammaco XRS650 to be lightweight weighing only 11.5kgs. This is a very impressive weight considering road bikes average at about 14kgs usually. This will help with transportation of the bike allowing the rider to easily lift the bike for travel or storage etc. The Ammaco XRS650 road bike comes in brilliant white with designs and logos in black. The drop handlebars are black and provided a comfortable resting position for the riders hands. The Ammaco XRS650 road bike is equipped with a 18 speed Shimano Sora mechanism and STI shifters. These shifters offer easy to trigger gear changes and help keep the bike riding smoothly when transitioning up or down gears. The bike is also equipped with double walled alloy airline wheels. These wheels are a nice design and offer a quick release mechanism on the front wheel. This will help if you plan on transporting the bike in the car for example. The Ammaco XRS650 road bike comes with standard pedals in gloss white that include toe clips to help you keep your footing when riding. The saddle on the Ammaco XRS650 is an ultra thin comfortable sports saddle. It offers the rider the ability to adjust the height however doesn’t seem to offer angle adjustments. This isn’t an issue for most as the saddle is surprisingly comfortable. It’s lightweight look is very modern and sleek, offering a look that isn’t common with road bikes usually. The 18 speed gear mechanism is fluent and smooth to transition between gears and gives the rider more than enough to face the variety of road you’re likely to face on this road bike.

The Ammaco XRS650 road bike comes with Shimano Sora dual pivot calliper brakes. These brakes do the trick when engaged and safely stop the bike in a prompt fashion. Overall the brakes are more than adequate for this bike and wouldn’t need to be changed immediately by most riders. The brakes are configurable and may need small adjustments from time to time to maintain the brake pads for as long as possible.

The Ammaco XRS650’s tyres are a very thin traditional road bike tyre. They are well styled offering a red strip that follows the tread for the whole tyre and seem to avoid any unnecessary drag by keeping the surface area touching the ground to a minimum.

The bike is very comfortable to sit on and the drop handlebars are equally as comfortable as the thin sports saddle. The bike looks great out on the road and will offer the rider a consistently high quality ride with little or no vibration on smooth surfaces. A very good bike offering a very good ride quality.

The Ammaco XRS650 road bike is a great bike for the price. It is made using high quality components and looks like it will provide the rider with years of fun, enjoyable riding capability. The red strip on the tyres is very stylish and finishes off a very smart, sporty design echoed throughout the entire road bike.