Indigo Regency Tour Road Bike

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Well Received by previous customers

“First class touring bike! As good if not better than bikes costing twice even three times as much. So if you are looking to buy a top class touring then look no futher!”

“Bought this for commuting (20 miles a day) and I’m very happy with it.”


The Indigo Regency Tour road bike offers some quality features to an already impressive collection of components. The bike is designed for long haul rides or daily commutes where luggage is an important factor to consider.

The Indigo Regency Tour road bike could be described as a ‘starter touring bike’, it combines the design and advantages of a road bike with the benefits and features of a touring bike. The frame is made from a lightweight alloy and attaches to a 700c steel fork. The bike is slightly on the heavy side at 15kg but considering it’s features this is a small compromise to make as most road bikes are around the 14kg mark. The frame comes in midnight blue which is a very nice colour. The bikes frame leads to a drop handlebar setup finished in black. The Indigo Regency Tour road bike has a 24 speed Shimano gear set and the shifters on the handlebars are Shimano 2200 STI shifters. These are slick and effortless in their gear changes and really help maintain a smooth experience for the rider. The Indigo Regency Tour boasts strong double walled ally rims for added strength and lightweight alloy hubs with quick release for easy storage and transportation. The Indigo Regency Tour comes with lots of ‘touring’ extras that you won’t see on your standard road bike. Full length mudguards at the front and back of the bike offer the rider some protection to keep them clean. The bike is also equipped with an alloy rear carrier to offer superb luggage capability. The Indigo Regency Tour isn’t done yet. It comes with a sports saddle to keep the rider comfortable for long rides or commutes and also comes with road bike pedals with toe clips to help the rider maintain a good foothold while riding.

The Indigo Regency Tour road bike comes with Shimano calliper brakes that are very responsive when engaged. The bike’s brake levers aren’t overly sensitive and offer an intuitive level or response when the rider starts to pull. Overall the brakes are more than adequate and won’t need to be changed even for the more hardcore riders.

The tyres on the Indigo Regency Tour are 35mm small block tyres. They come with a puncture protection belt which is a huge bonus and should help you avoid journey delaying punctures while out and about on your bike. The tyres are quite hard and should therefore last a long time if damage is avoided. No problems with grip were reported when the brakes were used so everything seems good in this department.

The ride of most road bikes is difficult to measure as they have no suspension to judge. However in terms of ride comfort the ability to store your luggage on the bike rathe than your back is a huge plus. The bikes mudguards almost guarantee you’ll arrive at your destination without the usual mud marks from kicked up dirt. The comfortable saddle and handlebars mean the rider isn’t uncomfortable while riding. Overall the ride comfort of the bike when measured appropriately is very good.

If you’re looking for a long distance bike this one has to be a serious contender if it’s in your price range. It may be a little on the heavy side but the perks far outweigh (no pun intended) the problems the added weight can cause. A great example of a road bike with touring features.