Avenir Aspire Road Bike

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The Avenir Aspire road bike has a great combination of colours and looks the part of a racing bike.

The Avenir Aspire has an aluminium compact frame with clearance capable of holding a mudguard, not very common with road bikes. The bike weighs a total of 14.1 kgs so is about average when it comes to road bike weight. The handlebars are black unlike the frame which is primarily red. The handlebars are curved to allow the rider to keep their hands vertical. The Avenir Aspire road bike comes with a Shimano 14 speed A050 gear set and clever positioning of the gear shifters to allow the rider to maintain their hand positions close to the brake levers. The bike comes with deep section alloy rims to cut down on the bikes weight and a quick release feature for the front wheel for easy transportation and storage. The bike comes with black plastic pedals with foot straps. The bike’s saddle is a racing saddle that can be adjusted to suit the rider’s optimal position.

The Avenir Aspire road bike has alloy calliper brakes and levers. These brakes are very responsive and offer a nice level of sensitivity when pressing the levers. Although durability of the brake pads hasn’t been tested, from current owners reviews it seems they last way over a year of regular use. This is a good sign however their durability will depend on how often and how vigorously you use them.

The Avenir Aspire road bike comes with 23mm tyres. The tyres look good enough for road use and isn’t something you’ll need to replace immediately however heavy users may want to consider upgrading to more well known tyre brands in order to improve the overall comfort of the ride.

This is a road bike so suspension is out of the question. However on a flat smooth surface this bike seems to perform quite well. Although the seat isn’t the most comfy in the world it is perfectly capable of offering an enjoyable seating position for a smooth ride. The tyres are another potential weakness, the current tyres offer an acceptable ride however upgrading these would be your first and most rewarding task.

Overall the Avenir Aspire road bike is a nice looking well designed road bike. It’s components are inline with it’s price however little extras like room for a mudguard and pedal straps are nice extras you don’t see with most road bikes in this price range.