Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Road Bike

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The Vilano Rampage road bike fixed gear road bike is very well designed bike.

This bike is eye catching to say the least. The Vilano Rampage’s frame is jet black as is every component of this bike. The frame comes in at 12.5kg (large version is 15kg) and is designed to eat up the miles. As stated earlier the whole bike is coloured black and looks great. The handle bars aren’t as curved and ergonomic as some of the others available however they are just as comfortable and easy to use. The wheels on this bike are impressive, presented in black and seem strong and durable. The Vilano Rampage Black comes with urban platform pedals as standard. The saddle is perhaps a little on the hard side however remains comfortable and easily adjusted for rider preference. The Vilano Rampage road bike comes with a rear flip-flop hub containing a freewheel and cog, allowing the rider to quickly change from a single speed to a fixed gear by flipping the rear wheel. This is well reviewed and we agree is a very nice feature of the bike.

The brakes do need a little adjustment initially however perform well once corrected. The pads are quite tough and plastic like however can be easily upgraded if you’re unhappy with them. For the price the brakes are more than sufficient and respond well when engaged.

The tyres are brilliant on this model. If regularly kept at a steady pressure they’ll last a long time. Some choose to upgrade things like tyres and brakes immediately however with the tyres provided with the Vilano Rampage road bike this is not necessary.

The bike rides really smoothly and although the seat is a little on the hard side, the experience of riding this bike on the whole is positive.

Hugely recommended bike to anyone looking for a low maintenance, high quality bike. The price for a brand new bike like this is impressively low and therefore offers huge value for money. The bike comes with somewhat budget components which is perfectly understandable for the cost of the bike. These can be upgraded if and when you choose, offering the rider with the ability to enjoy the bike immediately and improve their experience over time with component by component upgrades. This bike is very good and we hugely recommend you consider the Vilano Rampage road bike when looking for your next road bike.