Muddyfox Road 14 Road Bike

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During this Muddyfox Road 14 road bike review the bike will be put through it’s paces and evaluated on several key areas. The Muddyfox Road 14 is an entry level road bike. The bike is a good option for those who are looking for a beginner road bike.

The Muddyfox Road 14 road bike has a simple design however uses quite impressive components offering the rider a solid performance for a very competitive price. The road bikes 56cm frame is made from hi-tensile lightweight steel coloured mainly in white. The bikes front fork is a dark blue colour. The bike has drop styled handlebars that are adjustable allowing the rider to configure them to a specific height. The handlebars are home to the 14 speed Shimano gear shifters and the alloy brake levers. The Muddyfox Road 14 road bike comes with 700c double walled rims and 28c road tyres. The bike has standard black plastic road bike pedals included with the bike & has an adjustable sports saddle offering a comfortable ride for those long distance bike rides.

The Muddyfox Road 14 road bike comes with from and back calliper brakes that give a good response when used. The bike stops quickly and safely as expected without the brake levers being overly sensitive. The Brake pads are easily changed and require minor configuration upon receiving the bike.

The Muddyfox Road 14 road bike comes with 28c road tyres. These tyres offer a smooth tread that allows the bike to cut through the air and minimise drag on the road. Despite the bikes low Muddyfox Road 14 is still able to grip the road quite well for those moments when you need to turn direction or suddenly brake. Overall the tyres seems strong and durable so should last a significant amount of time as long as they avoid damage or punctures.

The Muddyfox Road 14 road bike has very little in terms of suspension or cushioned ride comfort. You feel the road quite well through the handlebars and saddle. This give the rider a sporty feel for the bike and despite a bumpy road causing ride comfort to drop, if the road is smooth then the bike rides really well.

What a great example of how you can purchase a brand new road bike for very little money. This bike has some great components and offers a really comfortable ride for very little financial commitment. The bikes style is easy on the eye and everything from the saddle to the pedals and handlebars is designed with rider comfort in mind. A really good entry level road bike.