Whistle Sauk Road Bike

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  • Racing Bike Sauk 105
  • unisex design
  • 22 Speed
  • Single piece carbon frame
  • tapered 1 “1/2 Head Tube
  • press fit 86.5 mm
  • Internal routing of cables to the frame
  • Carbon fork Monobloc
  • tapered 1″ 1/2 Steering
  • Selle Italia Saddle Covers x3 flow
  • Schwalbe Durano 700 x 25

This is an amazing road bike! The Whistle Sauk Men’s road bike will blow your mind no matter the situation. It has an absolutely sublime appearance. In terms of performance, this bike has got it all and will make a good first impression.

The Whistle Sauk road bike features a monocoque carbon frame with a carbon aero profile fork. Specification highlights include 20 speed Shimano gears comprising of Ultegra dual action STI shifters, Shimano Ultegra front and rear derailleurs, and a Shimano Ultegra 10 speed cassette.
The body also comes with Byte alloy micro adjust seat post, FSA headset, Byte handlebars and super light carbon fibre forks. This bike weighs an impressive 9.10kg on a frame size of 51cm. With such a lightweight road bike you can be certain you are not pulling extra weight with you when cycling uphill and guarantees a more efficient ride.
The Bike comes 95% assembled. Fitting of handlebars and handlebar tape will be necessary as well as adjustment of brakes and gears.

The brakes on the Whistle Sauk Mens road bike are very efficient and offer the rider exactly what they need when engaged. The bike quickly comes to a halt due to a combination of high quality tyres on the bike. The brakes have SA Gossamer alloy dual pivot calliper brakes with Shimano Ultegra alloy levers. As they are calliper brakes you’ll need to closely watch the brake pads to ensure they are in good condition as you go but if correctly configured and centrally aligned, they would last you a long time provided you avoid excessive hard braking.

This bike comes with some really nice puncture protection tyres. The Whistle Sauk Mens Road Bike manufacturers decided to avoid the usual pattern of providing ‘good enough’ tyres and letting the owner upgrade if they wish, but instead installed Schwalbe Lugano 700c x 23 tyres with puncture protection as standard with the Whistle Sauk Mens road bike. The traction on the tyres is solid; the threads are built to offer excellent grip while avoiding unnecessary drag, after all this is a lightweight racing road bike. They achieve this aim well and the bike responds very well to braking and corners without forcing the rider to work harder on hills or level surfaces.

The saddle on the Whistle Sauk Men’s road bike, together with the dropped handlebars combine to give the rider a very comfortable riding position particularly when both can be adjusted to suit the individual. Due to their lack of suspension, road bikes are not great for comfort, however with these quality sports tyres, saddle and handlebars, they have made some modifications and somewhat achieved a good ride comfort, especially on smooth flat surfaces. The flexible gear changes also help to prevent unnecessary jerks when shifting gears, which in turn improves on the overall experience of the rider of the bike.

If you are searching for a comfort and peace of mind, this a bike we would recommend, it comes with Whistle carbon/aluminium custom fork, Selle Italia XO Flow saddle with flex control technology, and a Byte micro-adjust alloy seat post. We think it is a very nice bike. What is your opinion?