Vitesse Sprint Road Bike

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Vitesse have done it again with yet another well designed, beautiful looking road bike. From it’s impressive shape to the terrific colours used across the entire frame of the bike it’s got to be one of the best looking bikes on the market.

The Vitesse Sprint men’s road bike has a design inspired from racing bikes and offers an impressive 22.5″ red alloy frame. The frame’s colour is very appealing and has dashes of black and white to offer a professional racing design to the bike. The bike weighs 13.6kgs so is slightly lighter than the quick common 14kg mark and comes with black handlebars. The handlebars are fitted with Shimano mounted rotational gear shifters providing access to the 21 speed Shimano gear system. The wheels on the Vitesse Sprint men’s road bike are black and silver. They are made of alloy and feature deep profiled rims to make the bike even lighter. The bike comes with plastic black pedals so no need to buy these separately. The Vitesse Sprint men’s road bike also comes with a ‘comfort saddle’ Vitesse pride themselves on this saddle being super comfortable and therefore offers the rider ease towards completing long journeys. Vitesse have installed high quality Shimano gears and shifters to allow the rider to perform gear changes smoothly and effectively with little or no interference between gears.

The Vitesse Sprint men’s road bike has front and rear dual pivot calliper brakes installed. These brakes are very responsive and quite sensitive to the riders touch. They can be configured to avoid unnecessary wear to the brake pads and this is something you should do as soon as you receive your bike. This will help prolong the lifetime of the brakes provided with the bike and avoid you needing to replace them sooner rather than later.

The Vitesse Sprint men’s road bike has been fitted with slick tyres to help the road bike cruise along with minimal effort. There is a trade off between less resistance and less traction however this bike still offers enough grip to the road in the case that you need to stop the bike quickly or change direction promptly. The tyres are fast rolling 700c x 28c silver line tyres and have been well received with current riders of the Vitesse Sprint men’s road bike.

The combination of high quality tyres and a comfortable seat means the ride quality of this bike is very high. It’s one of the best in it’s price range. Road bikes are not known for being particularly comfortable, especially at the low end of the price spectrum however this bike surpasses these stereotypes and delivers a comfortable ride.

The Vitesse Sprint is a strong contender in the field of below £500 road bikes. It is surprisingly comfortable, offers impressively high quality components and has a very professional looking design and use of colour. This bike ranks very highly in it’s competitive market.