Barracuda Vantos Road Bike

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The Barracuda Vantos road bike is a great starter bike for anyone who’s looking to venture into the world of road bikes or perhaps those looking to upgrade from an older model.

The Barracuda Vantos road bike has a lightweight 22″ alloy frameand a 700C road fork. The bike frame’s colour scheme is blue and white and it’s handlebars, saddle and pedal system are all black. The handlebars are flat and provide access to the Shimano TZ35 21 speed gear system via the Shimano EZ Fire shifters. The Barracuda Vantos has Verismo 700C profiled alloy rims with 700x38c tyres. The bike comes with black plastic pedals and a black padded sports saddle that allows easy adjustment for optimal positioning and comfort. The bike is designed with lightweight in mind as the seat post and handlebar stem are both made of lightweight alloy as well as the chain discs. The total weight of this bike when assembled is 13.5kgs so it’s lighter than the average 14kg threshold of most road bikes.

The brakes on this bike are alloy dual pivot brakes. A recommendation from some current owners is to upgrade the brakes as the standard ones on this bike are not great. Upon inspection the brakes work fine however it’s clear to see and understand where the reviews have come from and although the brakes aren’t unsafe, they are one area of the bike that could be upgraded to great effect.

The tyres that come with this bike are thin slimline tyres to help streamline and lower the friction between the tyre and the road. The tyres are fine for everyday use and offer no major problems. Possibly another area that you could look to upgrade in the future however not necessary from day one. The tyres seem quite durable with many owners confirming the tyres last way over a year if you can avoid punctures or other damage.

Considering this bike is a budget road bike the Barracuda Vantos offers a comfortable ride for a great price. The brakes aren’t the best but that doesn’t effect the enjoyment of the ride and the tyres though certainly not of a professional calibre still offer a smooth ride on a flat surface. Overall very impressed with the ride of this bike.

The Barracuda Vantos road bike is a great entry level bike. It offers all the necessary gadgets and components needed to fulfil it’s role and the price is very reasonable for the bike you receive. The design of the bike is very pleasing and the bike is a good weight so it’s easy to lift, move and store.