SAVA Herd 6.0 Carbon Road Bike

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Racing bikes are designed for sports to extreme sports on roads. Your goal is speed. They are characterised by their low weight. The frame of a racing bike nowadays consists mostly of light metal such as aluminium, in the professional class made of carbon or titanium. The tires of a road bike are extremely thin. Therefore they cannot be driven, like mountain bikes, off paved roads.

Since racing bicycles should be as light as possible, your equipment is reduced to a minimum: bike riders, bicycle stands, fenders or even luggage carriers cannot be found on racing bikes. As no lighting is required, racing bicycles may only be driven on the roads in accordance with the regulations of the road traffic regulations.

The attitude of the driver is optimised for speed: the handlebars of a road bike are swinging downwards, the narrow saddle usually higher than the handlebar. As a result, the driver has a horizontal, transient attitude, providing the lowest possible air resistance and providing a favourable power transmission. This is ideal for the cyclist, but not for people with back problems.

In order to make the right decision between various models of a road bike, you should first ask yourself what kind of bike you are and where you want to use your bike. If you are looking for the ultimate bike that can achieve the highest speeds and can be used in bike races, the road bike is the right decision.

However, if you are looking for a bike that you can use in spite of a somewhat more robust design, and which is also more suitable for everyday use due to its all-round qualities, SAVA Herd 6.0 can be your perfect choice.