Muddyfox Voyager 200 Road Bike

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The Muddyfox Voyager 200 road bike is ideal for novice and intermediate riders.

The Muddyfox Voyager 200 road bike comes with a steel touring frame. The bike’s frame is primarily white and has spots of black and light blue in places. The frame leads via an adjustable alloy stem to black alloy back swept handlebars. The handlebars have 18 speed Shimano Tourney gears with Revoshift shifters. The bike comes with black plastic pedals and a chain guard as standard. There is also an alloy pannier rack over the rear wheel allowing you to transport items with ease. The Muddyfox Voyager 200 road bike comes with 700C double walled ally wheels and front and rear mudguards. The bike also comes with an alloy kickstand. The bike also comes with a comfort saddle that upon inspection seems to be very well made and comfortable for long journeys. The weight of the bike is 16kgs which puts it higher than the average road bike’s 14kgs by quite a lot, however with all the little extras it’s quite understandable.

The Muddyfox Voyager 200 road bike comes with Promax front and rear alloy V-brakes. These brakes are very well reviewed, they respond well to the rider when engaged and stop the bike quickly and effectively. The sensitivity of the levers is normal and requires very little configuration.

The tyres that come on the Muddyfox Voyager 200 are 700 x 38c trekking tyres. Suitable for long rides and durably made, they should last a long time as long as they avoid damage. The tread is slightly heavier than most road bikes however the tyres are still thin enough to allow the Muddyfox Voyager 200 to glide through the air with minimal effort. An upgrade of tyres is probably not needed for the average rider and therefore one less expense to consider when buying a new road bike.

The ride enjoyment is considerably higher due to the little extras on the bike. The handlebars being slightly curved allows for a comfier position. The mud flaps and chain guard stop any water or mud spraying up onto the rider and the Muddyfox Voyager 200 tyres are slightly chunkier than the average road bike so the softness improves the riding experience. When you include the fact that the rider has somewhere to store their luggage rather than on their back the comfort of this bike is very impressive.

It’s quite clear the Muddyfox Voyager 200 road bike comes with lots of little extras you don’t see with standard road bikes. The downside is that it is heavier than most but unless you’re lifting the bike regularly then this may be a trade off you’re happy to make. The bike looks good, rides well and has a kick stand, what more could you ask for?