BOSS Ice Mountain Bike

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The Boss Ice White 26 inch mountain bike is set to tackle the elements and stand out in a crowd. The White Ice has a strong hi-tensile steel frame with a 750 lb rear shock absorber and front suspension fork to provide a responsive ride and take the bumps out of the terrain. Control is further enhanced courtesy of the front and rear Zoom branded mechanical disc brakes. The 3-finger alloy brake levers respond well to the touch for re-assuring feedback, whilst 160 mm wavy rotors disperse heat to extended the braking performance.

18 speed Shimano gearing is controlled by dual Shimano Revo shift shifters, for a natural and seamless gear change. 2.1″ wide sure-grip knobbly mountain bike tyres keep you moving in the right direction and are supported by lightweight and robust, double wall rims to provide a strong base for your ride. The rims are finished in gloss white with large boss decals. Style is an abundance, thanks to the clean satin white frame and gloss red components, for a truly premium look. A colour coded Boss MTB saddle is fitted with rail adjusters to allow front to back adjustment with a decent long seatpost for maximum height adjustment and the best possible fit. To complete the line-up, a sleek frame mounted front mud-guard and extended rear mudguard catches the crud thrown up whilst out on your ride and adds a cool aggressive edge to the design. If you are looking for an eye-catching bike with the spec to impress, then the Boss Ice White is the bike for you.

The BOSS Ice Mountain Bike is probably the most interesting looking mountain bike of 2019 (perhaps we should research that list next). The rear mudguard looking like some sort of funky tail over the cut out of the bikes frame. The orange and black design is very eye catching and the bike overall is very comfortable even when the suspension is in use.

The Boss Ice mountain bike is a fun looking bike, it reminds me of an off road motorbike with its rear mudguard and fun bike frame.

Talking about the bike frame, the Boss Ice mountain bike has a strong hi-tensile steel frame that comes in black. The frame is brightened up with orange decals to match the black and orange theme this bike has. The frame is quite chunky and also very curvy. Usually mountain bike frames are straight beams of steel however the Boss Ice mountain bike brings a new idea to the table.

The bike has a full suspension and dual mudguard system. The front fork is orange to match the vivid areas of the bike. I’m a big fan of the colour scheme and I’m glad to report that the bike rides as well as it looks, if not better. The Boss Ice mountain bike saddle is very comfortable and looks great with it’s black, white and orange design. The seat post is adjustable to cater for all heights. The Boss Ice bike’s handlebars are also adjustable and give access to the 18 speed Shimano gear system. The Boss Ice mountain bike also has a Shimano rear derailleur to help make the gear changes issues through the micro-shift rotational shifters as smooth as possible.

The brakes on the Boss Ice mountain bike are disc brakes, which is exceptional value considering the price of the bike. The bike has front and rear Zoom disc brakes for high performance braking. The brakes are very responsive and more than fit the requirements of this mountain bike.

The front and rear mudguards are a nice touch, avoiding spray from rain or mud depending on terrain. They might not catch everything but having them is going to mean less chance of ruining your clothes.

The Boss Ice mountain bike has 26″ wheels with bright orange rims, matching the rest of the bikes design. They are very eye catching and look nice when matched with the black tyres. The tyres on the Boss Ice mountain bike look like chunky road bike tyres so I’m pretty sure this bike would be fine on and off road.

Overall this bike is fun, quirky and keeps the rider comfortable whether its the smooth gear changes, suspension absorbing bumps or mudguard keep you clean it’s a great bike for the price.