Raleigh Activ Flyte II Mountain Bike

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The Raleigh Activ Flyte II Mountain Bike offers a lot of bike for a very small price. The bike looks far more expensive than the price would suggest however it’s worth noting that despite it’s phenomenal price you may want to budget for a couple of upgrades including the seat, it isn’t the comfiest but again when you consider the price for the whole bike, a new seat is nothing to complain about. The bike is very light which is unusual with mountain bikes however the fact it has no suspension system may account for the lighter load. Well worth considering as a strong alternative.

In this Raleigh Activ Flyte II mountain bike review we hope to express some of the key features of the bike, including where it excels but also where it falls short. We want to give you the best possible opportunity to make a decision as to whether this bike is for you.

The Raleigh Activ Flyte II mountain bike has a 19 inch steel frame. The frame comes in black with red & silver shapes and the bikes model ‘Activ’ decals dotted around the frame itself. This gives the bikes design a bit more going on when up close but from a distance it looks pretty much black all over. The black theme doesn’t stop there, the adjustable handlebars are black, as well as the hand grips, Shimano twist grip styled gear shifters and brake levers. The handlebars are comfortable to use and can be adjusted to your ideal level.

The Shimano twist grip shifters are linked up to a Shimano 18 speed gear system. To help maintain a smooth transition between gears the Raleigh Activ Flyte II mountain bike comes complete with a Shimano derailleur. Overall the gear shifts are smooth and the combination of components really does work well. I’m really impressed with the shifting system on this bike and would applaud whoever designed it, job well done.

The Raleigh Activ Flyte II mountain bike has v-type brakes, now these may not be on the same level as some disc brake models available out there but they certainly do the trick. They are able to provide a controlled stopping capability and help keep the price of the bike down. We have 19 inch alloy rim wheels on the Raleigh Activ Flyte II mountain bike paired with a nice pair of chunky tread tyres offering good on and off road capability. The tyres don’t seem to be of an well known brand but that doesn’t matter if they do the job.

The saddle provided on the Raleigh Activ Flyte II is quite a simple one, no flashy design or branding. The saddle is adjustable however if you’re planning on spending a lot of time on the bike you may consider getting a higher quality saddle. The saddle matches the rest of the design of the bike by being black.

This bike is a huge hit online, it’s been a number one selling mountain bike recently. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look by visiting the link.