BEIOU T800 Hardtail Mountain Bike

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The BEIOU T800 Hardtail Mountain Bike is an absolutely beautiful bike. I particularly like the contrast between the matte black frame and the metallic orange suspension fork. This bike suffers from the same irritation for UK customers as the BEIOU Toray mountain bike in which the brakes need to be switch to conform to UK standards. It was a real challenge to rank the two BEIOU bikes against each other and the jury is still out somewhat on which one is truly better.

The Beiou Hardtail mountain bike is quite a unique looking bike. I’m a big fan of the matte black colour this bike comes in, it’s available in other variations but my personal favourite is definitely matte black.

As mentioned above, the bikes frame is matte black, it’s quite a slim frame in comparison to some other mountain bikes we’ve reviewed on BestBikeGuide in the past. The frame is minimalistic in design and has no decals or other patterns present. The Toray T800 carbon fibre frame when built with handlebars and seat post weighs in at a mere 10.65kgs. This is very impressive, mountain bikes usually have a lot more weight to them as they’re focus is on suspension and durability rather than weight.

The bikes handlebars are home to a Shimano Deore 610 shift system giving easy access to change the 30 speed gears at will. The brake levers on the Beiou Hardtail mountain bike are top quality Shimano M355’s and connect to a very impressive hydraulic disc braking system. All the cabling that leads to and from the brakes and gears are internal to avoid any problems while riding and also increase the bikes aerodynamic rating. When paired to the bikes light weight it means that the bike glides with very little effort so makes for a multipurpose mountain and road bike.

The Beiou Hardtail’s saddle is very thin when looking side on. This doesn’t affect the comfort so nothing really to worry about. The saddle post is adjustable so the bike can handle riders of different heights. The saddle is nicely finished with a red and white stripe.

The bikes front fork is a very nice orange colour and is one of the components that help give this bike’s design some depth. The bike has 26″ wheels with carbon hubs. The rims have a nice red, white and black design to match the bike and saddle. The Tyres on the Beiou Hardtail mountain bike are Maxxis branded. They seem like a nice hybrid tyre, not too chunky for the road but enough about them to keep your grip on uneven surfaces.

The bikes description states ‘High Cost-performance, Designed for Cycling Enthusiasts and Professional Athletes’ and on this occasion I’m inclined to agree with then. It’s a solid bike for a great price. I’m really impressed with the bike and think it’s well worth considering if you’re in two minds between road or mountain bike.