BOSS Venom Mountain Bike

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The vivid red everywhere really does catch the eye of passers by, the red wheel rims especially.

The Superb value Boss Venom joins the ever growing Boss full suspension range with fresh styling and graphics, it is equipped with 21 speed shimano gears, micro-shift shifters and powerful v brakes, the 26 x 1.95 tyres with a deep knobbly tread offer great traction upon any terrain and are fitted to tough deep section alloy rims with machined brake surfaces for smooth, powerful braking performance.

The bike frame that comes with the Boss Venom is made of strong hi-tensile steel, considering it’s a full suspension mountain bike the frame is relatively small. I’ve seen many full suspension bikes that have bike frames that are twice as thick in some areas. This bike offers a refreshing change of pace with its minimal, almost thin design. The Boss Venom mountain bike’s frame is black and is covered in several decals ranging from the brand ‘BOSS’, the model ‘Venom’ through to red, sliver and white shapes to give the design of the bike some depth. I must admit it looks great and reminds me of retro sports car, in that there are more lines and corners than curves.

The bike has a Boss branded saddle, it’s quite nicely presented and is reasonably comfortable, I usually have problems with ‘off the production line’ saddles but this one seems good enough to keep long term. The saddle is adjustable so you’ll be able to set your perfect height.

The Boss Venom mountain bike’s handlebars are black to match the frame. They are equipped with micro-shift rotational shifters and black alloy brake levers. Overall the handlebars are exceptionally comfortable and I’d go as far to say they’re the comfiest I’ve tested in the Boss Venom mountain bike’s price range. The shifters link up with an 18 speed Shimano gearing system that is supported with a Shimano rear derailleur to make shifting gears even smoother.

The brakes used on the Boss Venom mountain bike are v-type brakes. They are very responsive and with the right configuration more than match the need for responsive braking while maintaining control of the bike.

The Boss Venom mountain bike’s dual suspension is incredibly effective, the bike performed excellently off road and the rider was protected by most bumps and knocks. I’m a big fan of dual suspension bikes and this one really does excel. Want more opinions, check out the link below for more customers opinions.