Raleigh Activ Spectre Mountain Bike

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The bikes frame alone looks ready for business, in the following Raleigh Activ Spectre mountain bike review we’ll break down the components used in the bike and give an opinion of each of them.

Back to the frame, the Raleigh Activ Spectre’s frame is chunky and futuristically designed. The frame is made of steel so it might not be the lightest frame in existence but it’ll be able to take the impact blows off road biking can cause. The bike is equipped with a full suspension, the front fork is chrome and is made to stand out. the rear suspension frame acts as a pivot between the black and white designs of the bikes frame. The combination of a full suspension leaves the rider quite well protected against any bumps or uneven terrain and will seriously help when jumping around off road.

The handlebars are black and match the top half of the frame, they have twist grip styled gear shifters for easy access without having to lose grip on the handlebars mid ride. The Raleigh Activ Spectre mountain bike also has standard brake levers on either side of the handlebars. The twist grip gear shifters provide access to the Shimano 18 speed gear system. As with many Raleigh Activ bikes a Shimano derailleur has been added to try and smooth out the transition between gears. It works a treat, shifting gears is smooth and effortless.

The brakes on the Raleigh Activ Spectre mountain bike are standard v-type brakes, however are more than effective in terms of safely stopping the bike quickly. The brakes have good quality brake pads so should be good enough for the near future, however the longevity of the brake pads will depend on how extreme you will be braking of course. The wheels on the Raleigh Activ Spectre mountain bike are 26″, they come with quite chunky non-branded tyres, from first impressions these tyres seem good enough, however only time will tell, perhaps you’ll choose to upgrade them but I don’t think you’ll need to worry initially.

The saddle provided on the Raleigh Activ Spectre mountain bike is quite a basic one, I’d recommend considering upgrading it as a comfortable saddle will allow you to prolong your ride without unwanted aching or numbness.

Overall this bike is great, it’s a chunky beast that can offer some serious protection against off road knocks and turbulence, well worth considering and maybe reading some more review on the link below.