Vilano Aluminium 21 Speed Road Bike

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The Vilano Aluminum 21 Speed road bike is a very nice beginners bike. Well worth considering if you’re making the move into the world of road bikes.

The Vilano Aluminium 21 Speed road bike is a great example of how you don’t need to break the bank to have a really nice road bike. It’s frame is made from aluminium to help keep it’s weight down to a nice 7.27kg. Although shown in black the bike is also available in white. The handlebars are ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and come with mounted Shimano A050 SIS gear shifters. The wheels are 700x double walled alloy wheels in a chrome effect. These wheels are quick release to allow you to transport the bike easily in the back of your car and is also useful for long term storage. The bike comes with pedals included so no need to purchase them separately. The saddle of the Vilano Aluminium 21 Speed road bike is marked as an ‘urban comfort’ saddle, this saddle is reported to be comfortable and allows the user to ride for long periods of time without discomfort. It is adjustable to allow the user to customise the position depending on their preference. The gears shift effortlessly and are very easy to use.

The brakes provided on the Vilano Aluminium 21 Speed road bike are alloy calliper type brakes. They are easy to setup and are well reviewed with current owners. Easily adjustable to allow the rider to perfect their performance. The brakes are very responsive without being overly sensitive to the riders squeeze.

The tyres provided with the Vilano Aluminium 21 Speed road bike are 700c x25c. They have a light tread to allow for gripping when turning and braking however remain aerodynamic allowing the bike to glide effortlessly on the road. The tyres are well reviewed to last a significant amount of time and have had very few reports of issues in terms of air pressure or shape.

As this is a road bike suspension is limited along with very thin wheels that will do little to protect from bumps and knocks. As this bike is designed to be used on the road however this isn’t really an issue as more often than not the roads are flat and smooth. Current owners review this bike as exceptionally comfortable for the price and a great example of budget road biking.

As this bike is not priced to break speed records or require a small mortgage to pay for the bike offers great features unseen elsewhere within the price bracket. It comes with pedals which is a nice bonus as not all road bikes are supplied with these. In terms of its design, look and feel it is a very nice bike, some road bikes have a much more ‘in your face’ design and this bike offers a nice alternative to these type of styles.