Ammaco CS450 Road Bike

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The Ammaco CS450 road bike comes in a nice black design. It screams quality all over the bike and the components used back up that claim.

The Ammaco CS450 road bike has a beautiful black and grey alloy frame with steel forks. The bike comes with black curved handlebars that house the Shimano integrated brake and gear levers that connect to the 14 speed Shimano gearing mechanism. This road bike’s handlebars are extremely comfortable to use and feel great. The Ammaco CS450 road bike’s wheels are made of a tough double walled alloy and are 700c in terms of size. The bike comes with black pedals and grey chain rings. Usually the chain ring matches the chain but in this case the chain is black. The whole design works well together and gives a real sporty feel to this bike. The saddle is a sports model that has several adjustable components including the usual height and angle. This is mounted on an alloy base provided in a chrome effect. The bike swaps gears very easily and the integrated brakes and gears work well without getting in each others way.

The Ammaco CS450 road bike definitely starts to shine in the brakes category. This road bike comes with powerful Zoom disc brakes at both the front and the rear of the bike. This sort of setup is rarely seen in this bikes price bracket and is a huge selling point when considering the best bike for you. As you can imagine the braking response is superb and when matched with the very easy to engage brake levers it’s clear this bike is well built in the brakes department.

With 700c x 25c tyres the Ammaco CS450 road bike is designed to glide over the surface of the road and avoid any unnecessary drag. The tyres seem to be of a high standard and aren’t a concern even for the more committed riders to consider changing immediately. The tyres seem quite hard and durable so hopefully they will last a long time if damage or punctures are avoided.

The Ammaco CS450 road bike is a very comfortable bike. It’s handlebars are exceptionally good on this bike, the position of the rider is almost perfect allowing long journeys on the bike to be easily achievable. The bike feels sporty and the brakes enhance that feeling as they response really well to the riders instruction. On a flat surface this bike rides excellently and glides over the surface with ease.

The Ammaco CS450’s design is great. It’s colour scheme and ride of this bike screams racing bike. A great example of a bike that doesn’t cost the earth however delivers a fun and enjoyable ride experience with high quality components across the board.