Cyrusher RS600 Electric Road Bike

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The Cyrusher RS600 comes with a 240W 36V removable lithium battery. It has a top speed of 18-21mph and is equipped with powerful mechanical disc brakes.

You can ride this bike in 3 different modes. Twist throttle mode is full electric. No pedalling is required and you’ll get a speed of between 15 and 21 miles per hour. Power assisted mode will boost your pedalling power. This is the fastest of all the modes and can reach an incredible 25-38 miles per hour! Finally if you’re out of juice you can set the bike to pedal only mode. This is where the RS600 will revert back to a simple road bike. Allowing you to pedal without any support. It’s worth noting you don’t need to be out of battery to swap to pedal only mode. It can be used at any time. This makes the bike very useful, you’ll be able to save your electrical energy for tough areas of your trip. Going uphill or through tough terrain is made much easier with the pedal assisted mode active.

A racing bike with an electric motor. What’s not to love?