Moda Finale Carbon Road Bike

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“I don’t care how old you are or how young you look, cycling is for everyone.” So said our designer and rider, David Zabriskie. He was right. There’s something about pedalling a bike that can make you feel limitless, and the Finale Carbon Road Bike embodies that feeling of freedom.

As you ride, the Finale Carbon Road Bike will lead the way. Its superlight, superstrong carbon fiber frame is a solid foundation for all of your rides, whether you’re on pavement or off-road. It’s a lightweight, yet powerful road bike. It’s hand-built with a carbon fiber frame and is fully customizable for the rider. The Finale Carbon Road Bike offers a variety of options to help you dial in your perfect ride.

This bike has something about it. Something you get with a limited edition model. A sense of exclusivity. The Finale is Moda’s flagship road bike and it’s very clear to see that they’ve taken time, effort and attention on every possible detail. A stunningly good bike, well worth considering.