Best Road Bikes Under £300

Top 8 Best Road Bikes Under £300 (June 2020)

Updated - May 29, 2020
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Looking for the best road bikes under £300 comes with its own headaches. Road bikes can cost several thousand pounds so are you getting a good bike for less than £300? Well that’s a good question, in terms of the grand spectrum of bikes available the £300 mark is probably high in the ‘mid-tier’ range. The bikes available for this price have good features and look sleek and well designed. Another benefit of this price range is it’s quite commonly the price range used by most riders. That means reviews are easy to come by. We’ve used a combination of first hand experience and researched reviews to compile a list of road bikes under £300.

With a budget of £300 it’s possible to find a good road bike. A road bike that will hopefully last several years and need minimum maintenance due to its quality and design.


Lightweight road bikes will be our main focus with a budget of £300. £300 allows us to look at both aluminium and carbon composite bike frames. With an aluminium frame our road bikes will be much lighter than bicycles with a steel frame construction. A road bike sporting a carbon fibre frame will pack even less weight.

We only consider a bike whose price point offers great value for money, ride comfort, commuting potential and top performance when compared to other bikes within the £300 groupset.


Mechanical disc brakes are something that £300 allows us to consider. A wide range of disc brakes are available on road bikes. We’ll be looking to add some options to our recommended road bike list that have disc brakes within our budget.

Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre isn’t a deal breaker at the £300 budget. We want to choose the right disc brakes, carbon or aluminium frame and handlebars to make our cycling enjoyable all the time. Especially if you spend time long times riding on a range of different roads and race tracks. A comfortable ride and riding position are important as we do our best to stay within our price point range.


Balancing a road bikes value for money against its endurance and specialised design can make getting the road bikes specification a difficult job. You can expect the best road bikes under £300 to provide a comfortable ride. This is because they’re lighter and more durable than the lower tier ‘cheap road bike’ bikes. You can also expect the best examples to come with an aluminium frame, front full carbon fork, possibly internal cable routing and excellent riding position.

After all the latest road bikes have been designed to ride quick while maintaining comfort regardless of speed.

Alloy wheels might become affordable with some of the best cheap road cycling options around our guide price. Steel is solid but isn’t as lightweight. Full carbon fibre would be the dream however might not match out price point.

Hopefully the list below will give you some indication of the best road bikes under £300 on offer and what great value bikes you can get in your price bracket.

Best Road Bikes Under £300 - Top 8
    1. Barracuda Corvus 700c Road Bike - This is a very smart looking limited edition model, so might not be around for long.
    2. Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Road Bike - Highly recommended for anyone looking for a low maintenance, high quality bike.
    3. Stowabike V2 Folding City Bike - This compact bike is ideal for use as a commuting bike in urban environments, where it can be easily folded and stored when you've reached your destination.
    4. Ammaco CS450 Road Bike - Delivers a fun and enjoyable ride experience.
    5. Ammaco XRS650 Road Bike - A very good bike offering a very good ride quality.
    6. Vitesse Sprint Road Bike - This is one of the best looking bikes on the market.
    7. ECOSMO 26" Ladies Folding City Bike - The ECOSMO 26" Ladies folding city bike is a nice bike but it does come with some very poor assembly instructions.
    8. Lombardo Rimini Single-Speed Road Bike - A beautiful Italian commuters bike that looks and feels great to ride.


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Barracuda Corvus 700c Road Bike

Barracuda Corvus 700c Road Bike

  • ✔ Limited Edition
  • ✔ All Black Fast Rolling Tyres
  • ✔ Room For A Bottle Carrier
  • ✔ Just Need A Spanner And Alan Key To Setup
This is a very smart looking limited edition model, so might not be around for long.
  • Hi Tensile Road Frame With Bottle Carrier Bosses.
  • 700c Hi Tensile Fork.
  • 38/48T All Black Shimano Chainset With 170mm Crank Arms And Chainguard.
  • Shimano 14 Speed With Shimano Thumb Shifters, Shimano Rear Derailleur, 7 Speed Chain, 14-28T Shimano Freewheel.
  • Barracuda 700c Double Wall Alloy Rims.
  • 700c x 23c All Black Fast Rolling Tyres.
  • Alloy Side Pull Brakes With Road Bike Levers.
  • Black Drop Road Bar With Quill Stem.

We really like the look of this bike. It’s eye catching red frame leads you down to the alloy rimmed all black fast rolling tyres. The drop down handlebars compliment the design perfectly creating a bike that looks far more expensive than it actually retails.

The Shimano 14 speed gear system shifts smoothly using the Shimano thumb shifters. The brakes are responsive and with a little adjustment work as well as some bikes that cost twice as much. The bike frame itself is made of hi tensile steel as is the front fork. To finish this bike off, it comes with low profile, performance pedals, which is a nice touch.

This is a great bike and something we’d definitely recommend you consider as a great beginners bike.


Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Road Bike

Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Road Bike

  • ✔ Fixed gear or single speed
  • ✔ Urban geometry 700c tig-welded Frame and Fork
  • ✔ Double Walled Deep-V Anodized Wheel set
  • ✔ Platform Pedals Included
Highly recommended for anyone looking for a low maintenance, high quality bike.
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The Vilano Rampage road bike fixed gear road bike is very well designed bike.

This bike is eye catching to say the least. The Vilano Rampage’s frame is jet black as is every component of this bike. The frame comes in at 12.5kg (large version is 15kg) and is designed to eat up the miles. As stated earlier the whole bike is coloured black and looks great. The handle bars aren’t as curved and ergonomic as some of the others available however they are just as comfortable and easy to use. The wheels on this bike are impressive, presented in black and seem strong and durable. The Vilano Rampage Black comes with urban platform pedals as standard. The saddle is perhaps a little on the hard side however remains comfortable and easily adjusted for rider preference. The Vilano Rampage road bike comes with a rear flip-flop hub containing a freewheel and cog, allowing the rider to quickly change from a single speed to a fixed gear by flipping the rear wheel. This is well reviewed and we agree is a very nice feature of the bike.

The brakes do need a little adjustment initially however perform well once corrected. The pads are quite tough and plastic like however can be easily upgraded if you’re unhappy with them. For the price the brakes are more than sufficient and respond well when engaged.

The tyres are brilliant on this model. If regularly kept at a steady pressure they’ll last a long time. Some choose to upgrade things like tyres and brakes immediately however with the tyres provided with the Vilano Rampage road bike this is not necessary.

The bike rides really smoothly and although the seat is a little on the hard side, the experience of riding this bike on the whole is positive.

Hugely recommended bike to anyone looking for a low maintenance, high quality bike. The price for a brand new bike like this is impressively low and therefore offers huge value for money. The bike comes with somewhat budget components which is perfectly understandable for the cost of the bike. These can be upgraded if and when you choose, offering the rider with the ability to enjoy the bike immediately and improve their experience over time with component by component upgrades. This bike is very good and we hugely recommend you consider the Vilano Rampage road bike when looking for your next road bike.

Stowabike V2 Folding City Bike

Stowabike V2 Folding City Bike

  • ✔ 20" Steel Folding Frame
  • ✔ 6 Speed Microshift Grip Shifters
  • ✔ Shimano RD-TY18S 6 Speed Rear Derailleur
  • ✔ Built in Steel Front And Rear Mudguards
This compact bike is ideal for use as a commuting bike in urban environments, where it can be easily folded and stored when you've reached your destination.
Be Advised - Possibly Low Stock
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Introducing the Stowabike V2 folding city bike. With built in mud guards to keep you clean, a built in rear cargo rack for carrying your goods, and an easy to use, reliable folding mechanism. This folding city bike really has been designed with city life in mind.

Frame: 20″ steel folding frame
Fork: Steel 20″
Shifter: Microshift 6 speed grip shifter
Rear Derailleur: RD-TZ50 6 speed
Freewheel: 6 speed
Rims: 20″ single wall
Kickstand: middle kickstand
Mudguards: built in steel mudguards
Tyres: 20 x 1.75″
Pedals: YH-8X with With CPSC Reflectors
Chainset: 3/32″”X46T Steel Chainring, Steel Cranks CP & Clear Single Chainguard
Brakes: steel V-Brakes
Handlebar: 560mm Lorise Handlebar
Grips: Black rubber
Dimensions: 153 x 65 x 91cm
Folded dimensions: W 86cm x L 23cm x H 59cm
Weight: 15.5kg

If you’re looking for a bike that will get your around the city, carry your bag among other items, fold away for easy storage and home and not cost the earth. Then this bike is a perfect fit. It costs less than most folding bikes yet it’s get superb reviews and recommendations from previous customers. It comes with little extras that make riding around the city all the more enjoyable. Things like a curved handlebar for easier resting grip. A middle kickstand for when you’re stationary. Front and rear steel mudguards to keep water and debris off your nice clean clothes and a storage rack at the rear so you don’t have to carry everything on your back while riding.

Seriously, if you’re on a tight budget you have to take a look at the Stowabike V2 folding city bike.

Ammaco CS450 Road Bike

Ammaco CS450 Road Bike

  • ✔ 24 Speed Shimano Gears
  • ✔ 17" Frame
  • ✔ Lightweight Alloy Frame
  • ✔ Simple To Build
Delivers a fun and enjoyable ride experience.
Be Advised - Possibly Low Stock
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The Ammaco CS450 road bike comes in a nice black design. It screams quality all over the bike and the components used back up that claim.

The Ammaco CS450 road bike has a beautiful black and grey alloy frame with steel forks. The bike comes with black curved handlebars that house the Shimano integrated brake and gear levers that connect to the 14 speed Shimano gearing mechanism. This road bike’s handlebars are extremely comfortable to use and feel great. The Ammaco CS450 road bike’s wheels are made of a tough double walled alloy and are 700c in terms of size. The bike comes with black pedals and grey chain rings. Usually the chain ring matches the chain but in this case the chain is black. The whole design works well together and gives a real sporty feel to this bike. The saddle is a sports model that has several adjustable components including the usual height and angle. This is mounted on an alloy base provided in a chrome effect. The bike swaps gears very easily and the integrated brakes and gears work well without getting in each others way.

The Ammaco CS450 road bike definitely starts to shine in the brakes category. This road bike comes with powerful Zoom disc brakes at both the front and the rear of the bike. This sort of setup is rarely seen in this bikes price bracket and is a huge selling point when considering the best bike for you. As you can imagine the braking response is superb and when matched with the very easy to engage brake levers it’s clear this bike is well built in the brakes department.

With 700c x 25c tyres the Ammaco CS450 road bike is designed to glide over the surface of the road and avoid any unnecessary drag. The tyres seem to be of a high standard and aren’t a concern even for the more committed riders to consider changing immediately. The tyres seem quite hard and durable so hopefully they will last a long time if damage or punctures are avoided.

The Ammaco CS450 road bike is a very comfortable bike. It’s handlebars are exceptionally good on this bike, the position of the rider is almost perfect allowing long journeys on the bike to be easily achievable. The bike feels sporty and the brakes enhance that feeling as they response really well to the riders instruction. On a flat surface this bike rides excellently and glides over the surface with ease.

The Ammaco CS450’s design is great. It’s colour scheme and ride of this bike screams racing bike. A great example of a bike that doesn’t cost the earth however delivers a fun and enjoyable ride experience with high quality components across the board.

Ammaco XRS650 Road Bike

Ammaco XRS650 Road Bike

  • ✔ Quick release saddle adjustment
  • ✔ Lifetime frame guarantee
  • ✔ Arrives 90% built
  • ✔ 14 Speed Shimano indexed gears
A very good bike offering a very good ride quality.
Be Advised - Possibly Low Stock
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The Ammaco XRS650 is a high quality road bike for a very competitive price. It’s striking white colour or ultra thin saddle design offer the rider a very smart, modern look and feel.

The Ammaco XRS650 road bike’s frame is made of heat treated alloy attached to alloy forks. Although the bike looks formidable the alloy components allow the Ammaco XRS650 to be lightweight weighing only 11.5kgs. This is a very impressive weight considering road bikes average at about 14kgs usually. This will help with transportation of the bike allowing the rider to easily lift the bike for travel or storage etc. The Ammaco XRS650 road bike comes in brilliant white with designs and logos in black. The drop handlebars are black and provided a comfortable resting position for the riders hands. The Ammaco XRS650 road bike is equipped with a 18 speed Shimano Sora mechanism and STI shifters. These shifters offer easy to trigger gear changes and help keep the bike riding smoothly when transitioning up or down gears. The bike is also equipped with double walled alloy airline wheels. These wheels are a nice design and offer a quick release mechanism on the front wheel. This will help if you plan on transporting the bike in the car for example. The Ammaco XRS650 road bike comes with standard pedals in gloss white that include toe clips to help you keep your footing when riding. The saddle on the Ammaco XRS650 is an ultra thin comfortable sports saddle. It offers the rider the ability to adjust the height however doesn’t seem to offer angle adjustments. This isn’t an issue for most as the saddle is surprisingly comfortable. It’s lightweight look is very modern and sleek, offering a look that isn’t common with road bikes usually. The 18 speed gear mechanism is fluent and smooth to transition between gears and gives the rider more than enough to face the variety of road you’re likely to face on this road bike.

The Ammaco XRS650 road bike comes with Shimano Sora dual pivot calliper brakes. These brakes do the trick when engaged and safely stop the bike in a prompt fashion. Overall the brakes are more than adequate for this bike and wouldn’t need to be changed immediately by most riders. The brakes are configurable and may need small adjustments from time to time to maintain the brake pads for as long as possible.

The Ammaco XRS650’s tyres are a very thin traditional road bike tyre. They are well styled offering a red strip that follows the tread for the whole tyre and seem to avoid any unnecessary drag by keeping the surface area touching the ground to a minimum.

The bike is very comfortable to sit on and the drop handlebars are equally as comfortable as the thin sports saddle. The bike looks great out on the road and will offer the rider a consistently high quality ride with little or no vibration on smooth surfaces. A very good bike offering a very good ride quality.

The Ammaco XRS650 road bike is a great bike for the price. It is made using high quality components and looks like it will provide the rider with years of fun, enjoyable riding capability. The red strip on the tyres is very stylish and finishes off a very smart, sporty design echoed throughout the entire road bike.

Vitesse Sprint Road Bike

Vitesse Sprint Road Bike

  • ✔ Shimano Claris STI 24-speed shifters
  • ✔ Lightweight and aerodynamic
  • ✔ A professional bike without the pro pricetag
  • ✔ Unisex road bike
This is one of the best looking bikes on the market.
Be Advised - Possibly Low Stock
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Vitesse have done it again with yet another well designed, beautiful looking road bike. From it’s impressive shape to the terrific colours used across the entire frame of the bike it’s got to be one of the best looking bikes on the market.

The Vitesse Sprint men’s road bike has a design inspired from racing bikes and offers an impressive 22.5″ red alloy frame. The frame’s colour is very appealing and has dashes of black and white to offer a professional racing design to the bike. The bike weighs 13.6kgs so is slightly lighter than the quick common 14kg mark and comes with black handlebars. The handlebars are fitted with Shimano mounted rotational gear shifters providing access to the 21 speed Shimano gear system. The wheels on the Vitesse Sprint men’s road bike are black and silver. They are made of alloy and feature deep profiled rims to make the bike even lighter. The bike comes with plastic black pedals so no need to buy these separately. The Vitesse Sprint men’s road bike also comes with a ‘comfort saddle’ Vitesse pride themselves on this saddle being super comfortable and therefore offers the rider ease towards completing long journeys. Vitesse have installed high quality Shimano gears and shifters to allow the rider to perform gear changes smoothly and effectively with little or no interference between gears.

The Vitesse Sprint men’s road bike has front and rear dual pivot calliper brakes installed. These brakes are very responsive and quite sensitive to the riders touch. They can be configured to avoid unnecessary wear to the brake pads and this is something you should do as soon as you receive your bike. This will help prolong the lifetime of the brakes provided with the bike and avoid you needing to replace them sooner rather than later.

The Vitesse Sprint men’s road bike has been fitted with slick tyres to help the road bike cruise along with minimal effort. There is a trade off between less resistance and less traction however this bike still offers enough grip to the road in the case that you need to stop the bike quickly or change direction promptly. The tyres are fast rolling 700c x 28c silver line tyres and have been well received with current riders of the Vitesse Sprint men’s road bike.

The combination of high quality tyres and a comfortable seat means the ride quality of this bike is very high. It’s one of the best in it’s price range. Road bikes are not known for being particularly comfortable, especially at the low end of the price spectrum however this bike surpasses these stereotypes and delivers a comfortable ride.

The Vitesse Sprint is a strong contender in the field of below £500 road bikes. It is surprisingly comfortable, offers impressively high quality components and has a very professional looking design and use of colour. This bike ranks very highly in it’s competitive market.


ECOSMO 26" Ladies Folding City Bike

  • ✔ 7 Speed Shimano Gearing
  • ✔ Rear Storage Rack
  • ✔ Front And Rear Mudguards
  • ✖ Heavy Steel Frame
The ECOSMO 26" Ladies folding city bike is a nice bike but it does come with some very poor assembly instructions.
Be Advised - Possibly Low Stock
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This quality folding ladies shopper bike is an ideal companion for your life. It combines the advantage of a folding bike and a ladies shopper bike. it is very easy to ride and fold down, making it easy to transport or store away when needed. It has a low step over frame and rear swept handlebars and offers an upright, comfortable, more dignified riding position. It offers families with enjoyments and mobility at a high level!And you can put it into your car boots when it is fold up.

Some of the reviews from previous customers look really really positive. Take a look for yourself.

“The bike is fantastic value!”

“Great value for money!”

“I find it easy to carry the bike in and out of my hallway so the weight is definitely manageable.”

“This is a great bike that looks really nice.”

“The instructions are worse than useless.”

Lombardo Rimini Single-Speed Road Bike

Lombardo Rimini Single-Speed Road Bike

  • ✔ Single Speed Gear
  • ✔ Rear Storage Rack
  • ✔ Easy To Assemble
  • ✔ Chain Guard
A beautiful Italian commuters bike that looks and feels great to ride.
Be Advised - Possibly Low Stock
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  • Ladies Commuter Cycle
  • Low step-through ladies frame (17″) with Unicrown Steel Fork
  • Single-speed gear
  • Alloy V-brakes
  • Very easily assembly 95% already built up!
  • 26″ alloy wheels with whitewall tyres
  • Lobardo Rimini saddle with alloy seat post
  • Silver handlebar with polished alloy stem

This is a lovely Italian designed single speed city bike. It comes with a front and rear mudguard to protect the rider from any water splashes. It has a very comfortable Lobardo Rimini saddle as well as ample storage facilities to the rear. The bike also comes with a kick-stand for when stationary. The adapted frame and handlebars attempt to make the riding easier and less restrictive and as it is a city/road bike, there is no need for suspension or heavy duty steel bars across the top of the frame.

This bike has some great reviews, here is a few snippets to give you an idea

“The bike is much lighter and the seat is more comfortable than expected”

“Fantastic value for money, well made & after 100 miles no complaints.”

“no adjustments needed it is a joy to ride”

What's the best road bike I can get for £300?

If your budget is £300 then you’re in the right place. This list contains all bikes that we recommend after researching countless sources, reviews and articles. We only put the bikes that we feel ‘make the mark’ into our review lists so you can be sure you’re looking at some great options if you’re in the market to purchase one.

What To Expect

£300 despite being a small budget for a road bike is capable of bagging you a really nice machine. The bikes in this list are all great bikes. If you had a higher budget to play with I’d recommend taking a look at our best road bikes under £500 and best road bikes under £1000 pages but if not then these bikes will hit the spot quite nicely.


The bikes on this page are strong, well built bikes however with a limited budget you can’t expect the most advanced technology and materials to be used on these road bikes. Generally the bikes use well reviewed gear mechanisms and tyres without breaking the bank in terms of top brands and sports models.

Common Features

Road bikes in this price range commonly have aluminium frames to help keep the bikes weight down to a minimum. Most of the bikes also come with a minimum of 14 speed gear mechanism and some have 21 gears.

Additional Features

In comparison to the bikes listed on our best road bikes under £200 many of these bikes come with dropped handlebars. This design of handlebar is common with racing bikes and can offer an additional level of comfort for riders especially on long rides.

Is It Worth It?

When you increase your budget to £300 you can see a drastic increase in quality and style between the bikes on offer. In terms of longevity of the bike it’s fair to presume it would be improved as the additional budget allows for greater components to be used.

What are the best road bikes for the money?

This is a very difficult question, simply because ‘for the money’ could mean any price range. We’ve done our best to split the price ranges into individual pages filled with the road bikes that we think are the best options on the market right now. We update these lists regularly and do our best to make sure we only provide reviews for bikes that are readily available.

What are the best road bikes for beginners?

Beginners are sometimes inclined to get the cheapest option available to them. After all, they’re not sure this is something they will continue or even enjoy in the first place. Our most appropriate advise in this situation is that although investing huge amounts is not advisable, if you were to get the cheapest bike on the market it may cause your experience to be worse than if you were to get a well reviewed ‘beginners’ model reviewed by those that know the industry well. We’d highly recommend you take a look at some of our cheaper price road bike review lists before making a decision on what to choose. That way at least you know that the bike you choose is good enough that is has at least made it onto our list. We update these lists regularly so you can be sure you’ll find the best bikes on the market within these lists.

Are cheap road bikes any good?

The definition if cheap is important in this answer. If by cheap we simply mean the the road bike doesn’t cost a huge sum of money, then it is possible that this bike could still be quite good. Although if the bike isn’t costing you that much and the seller is to make a profit, the components must be collectively cheaper than the price you pay for the item. If however the definition of cheap is directly aimed at the component and materials used then more often than not a cheap road bike is not a good investment. We recommend viewing our ‘Best Road Bike’ product reviews for every budget to make sure you find a bike that is less ‘cheap’ and more of a ‘bargain’.

What is a good price for a road bike?

Road bikes much like cars, come in all sorts of models, designs and finishes. Many have technological and engineering adaptations that can add hundreds if not thousands of pounds to the price tag. A good price for a road bike is one that falls within your budget yet provides you with a bike that is better than all the others also within your budget. A vague answer I know, but as specific as can be for the question at hand. We only put road bikes on our review lists that we feel are good enough to be deemed the best in their market. Take a look one of our road bike review lists that suits your budget.

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