Why Get A BMX Bike?

Why Get A BMX Bike? Feature Image

When you are an avid BMX rider, you’ll appreciate the convenience of being able to store your bike in a small space in the house. The built in locks allow for quick and easy storage in a small space or when necessary.

Bikes are made for riding so if you have one, you should treat it well. Investing in a good set of bike tools is essential for any bike owner.

What is A ‘BMX Bike’?

BMX bikes are best known for their aggressive style of riding, but they are also known for their unique frames.

The frame is usually made of steel tubing that has been bent into an S-shape. It doesn’t have a linear path like other bikes. This unique design allows riders to speed up and gain traction while maintaining balance on the bike. The fork has a handlebar that is offset towards the back of the bike, allowing riders to have their hands closer to the ground when they are steering it.

The Benefits of Owning a BMX Bike

BMX bikes are a great way to stay fit and have fun with your kids. But how do you know which bike is best for you? Here are the top 3 benefits of buying one.

  1. More enjoyable workout: BMXs help you burn more calories as they allow for a more intense exercise routine as it helps with balance, agility and strength training.
  2. Better quality of life: With a BMX bicylce, you can stay healthy outside of work. It helps improve your physical and mental health as well as relieve stress that builds up from work.
  3. A better time with your kids: You’ll be able to spend quality time with your family on their bikes instead of being stuck inside on the couch watching TV all day long.

Why Should You Buy a BMX Bike?

BMX bikes are a great way to ride around in a fun and exciting way. They can be used for commuting, leisurely riding, or to even get into competitive riding. You can find BMX bike models at different price points and with different features.

BMX Bike Buying Tips:

  1. What type of riding do you want to do?
  2. How often will you use the bike?
  3. What size is the bike you want?

What to Look For When Buying a BMX Bike?

I recommend looking for a larger wheel size and a shorter seat height to ensure you have a low center of gravity. As for the seat post, I recommend going with a smaller size.

When you’re buying a BMX bike, what should you look for? Before purchasing any bike, always make sure that the wheel size is adequate to your weight. A bigger wheel size means more stability and less chance of tipping over or falling off.

BMX vs Mountain Bikes

There are several significant differences between BMX bikes vs. mountain bikes, but mostly they are distinguished by their frame design. A mountain bike can have a suspension system whereas a BMX bike usually doesn’t. Mountain bike riders are more likely to use their bikes in natural locations, such as trails and mountain paths. Whereas BMX riders will be drawn to skate parks and dirt jumps.

This isn’t always the case and is really down to personal preference. Mountain biking can be done with a BMX bike and is usually far cheaper. It’s well worth visiting a local BMX dealer at a bike shop near you.

BMX bikes have a single pivot point, whereas mountain bikes have two pivot points. This is due to the fact that they are designed for tricks and jumps, but not an entire trail ride. The additional pivot point provides more leverage to the rider in the event they lose traction on a steep descent or they need to change directions quickly.

BMX vs Road Bikes

There are many myths about BMX bikes and road bikes. Here, we will discuss some of the differences and similarities between them and also talk about some important features.

  • BMX Bikes. BMX bicycles are used by street riders who want to do tricks on the streets. They have a high range of speeds and they can be set at specific levels. They come in various colours, making it easier for them to look striking on the streets. These bikes don’t have gears or brakes, making them harder to use on roads than road bikes.
  • Road Bikes. Road bikes are designed for city riding – they come with gears and brakes, enabling cyclists to ride around safely on roads. They also tend to be lighter in weight than BMX bicycles because most of its materials


Buying a BMX bike is a major decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many things to consider before making a purchase.

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