How To Store A Full Suspension Mountain Bike

How To Store A Full Suspension Mountain Bike Feature Image

Storing a full suspension mountain bike can be a challenge, but with the correct tools and careful attention to detail, it can be done. This article will cover the various ways you can store your bike.

A full suspension mountain bike is a serious piece of equipment, so it’s important to store it properly. It’s also important to use a floor pump to check your tires every week or so if you’re storing your bike indoors. If your tires are too low, store your bike outside for a few days; this will make the tires plump up enough that they’re not flat anymore.

The correct way to store a full suspension mountain bike is to lie it flat on its front forks in a cool dry place. Moisture in the air can enter into the bike’s working components and cause them to rust. Keeping the bike’s suspension oil and all moving parts lubricated can also prevent problems occurring while the bike is stored.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Can Be Heavy

A full suspension mountain bike can be tricky to store due to its size and weight. It is also likely to be a more expensive bike, so you will want to take care when storing it. Furthermore, you’ll want to store your mountain bike in a place that will protect it against theft. Due to these considerations, it is best to store your full suspension mountain bike inside your house, either in a garage or a storage room.

Modern full suspension mountain bikes are truly incredible machines. When properly maintained, they are capable of propelling you up more challenging terrain with an unmatched degree of comfort. However, with the increased complexity of modern full suspension mountain bikes comes an increased need for proper care and storage.  While a traditional mountain bike can typically be stored in an upright position with minimal maintenance. However, full suspension bikes require more careful storage and maintenance.

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