Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under £1000

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under £1000 - Top 10 (December 2023)

The Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under £1000 (December 2023)

Most lightweight mountain bike models are full suspension systems. You’re relying on a two-part frame. Aligned by a spring in the center to allow them to both move with one another. In short, they move a little more easily when you’re just cruising on the road for most of your journey. If you’re looking for a cross country mountain bike, full suspension systems are a good way to go.

A full suspension mountain bike is made from two pieces (the front triangle & the rear triangle), which are joined by pivots on the bike frame. This design allows the bike to move independently. Which consequently allows for a softer ride as the movement is controlled by the suspension shock absorbers.

Editors Picks

 Image  Image  Image
Product Denbike Off-Road Basis 2 FS Flite Taser II
  • Strong Steel Crossbar Frame
  • V Braking System
  • Steel Hubs With Alloy Rims
  • 6 Speed Gearing System
  • Hi-Tensile Steel Frame
  • Shimano 21 Speed Gearing System
  • Front And Rear V Brakes
  • Rotational Shifters
  • Steel Frame
  • Front Suspension Forks With Rear Shock Unit
  • Shimano 18 Speed Gearing System
  • V Brakes Front And Rear
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The Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under £1000 Buyers Guide (December 2023)

  • 1. Denbike Off-Road
  • 2. Basis 2 FS
  • 3. Flite Taser II
  • 4. Basis 1
  • 5. Ammaco Arden Blush Mountain Bike
  • 6. Arden Peak
  • 7. Boss Astro
  • 8. Flite Women's Taser Mountain Bike
  • 9. Boss Dominator Mountain Bike
  • 10. ECOSMO 26
Denbike Off-Road Image

Denbike Off-Road

  • ✔ Strong Steel Crossbar Frame
  • ✔ V Braking System
  • ✔ Steel Hubs With Alloy Rims
  • ✔ 6 Speed Gearing System

Another rather unknown bike brand however the components and look of this bike means we've added it as a wildcard.

Denbike Off-Road - Read Review Check Latest Price

Simplistic versatility in the form of this Denbike 'Off-Road' Mens rigid mountain bicycle.

  • Frame: Mens MTB Crossbar - Steel
  • Fork: Steel Rigid Blade 26"
  • Brakes: V-Brake
  • Gearing: Saiguan 6 Speed
  • Wheels: 26" - Alloy Rim, Steel Hubs

Formed around a robust Steel crossbar frame & rigid forks, rolling on 26" wheels with 26x1.95 dirt tread tyres, you'll find a direct, robust riding feel combined with the versatility and capability of a mountain bike. Featuring an 18 speed Saiguan gearing system and responsive V-Brakes, the 'Off-Road' is a great tool to have in the box, at an amazing cost.


Basis 2 FS Image

Basis 2 FS

  • ✔ Hi-Tensile Steel Frame
  • ✔ Shimano 21 Speed Gearing System
  • ✔ Front And Rear V Brakes
  • ✔ Rotational Shifters

A well received, well reviewed budget mountain bike with a full suspension. What's not to like?

Basis 2 FS - Read Review Check Latest Price

If you're looking for a great value on a mountain bike that will get the job done without seeming like it's second best, then look no further than the 2 FS mountain bike. This highly rated bike comes equipped with a full suspension frame and fork for all-day comfort and efficiency. The steel rims provide extra durability and increased braking power, while the rear disc brake provides an added layer of safety by helping to keep you in control through every turn. From coast to coast, reviewers agree that this is one budget-friendly mountain bike you can't go wrong with.

"Basis' 2 FS Mountain Bike is your perfect next bike. It's a high-quality full suspension mountain bike with loads of features and a budget price tag that's hard to beat. It's got an steel frame, V brakes, and a 21-speed drivetrain for smooth shifting over rough terrain. And it comes with a front suspension fork for extra comfort on bumpy trails."

"The Basis 2 FS mountain bike is your new best friend. You can ride it on trails, but you can also take it to the streets. You can take it fast, or you can take it slow. It’s a steel mountain bike with full-suspension and V brakes for a smooth ride and reliable handling."

Overall we think this is a solid bike. It's hard to find a budget mountain bike that's got such positive reviews across the board. Many have problems that many are happy to live with considering the price however this particular model seems to be able to keep everyone happy without costing the earth.

The perfect bike for beginners or someone who's looking for a new mountain bike that performs well. Full suspension is a god send when it comes to ride comfort and the steel frame is reliable and strong enough to handle anything you throw at it. It makes tough terrain seem smooth and somewhat comfortable. A steal at this price!

Flite Taser II Image

Flite Taser II

  • ✔ Steel Frame
  • ✔ Front Suspension Forks With Rear Shock Unit
  • ✔ Shimano 18 Speed Gearing System
  • ✔ V Brakes Front And Rear

Take your adventures off-road with the Flite Taser Men's Mountain Bike, which features front and rear suspension and 18 inch wide ratio gears.

Flite Taser II - Read Review Check Latest Price
  • Men's mountain bikes.
  • 18 Twist grip gear(s).
  • microSHIFT Shifters shifters.
  • Shimano TX-31 rear derailleur.
  • Front disc and rear disc brakes.
  • Dual suspension.
  • Mountain bike style Kenda tyres.
  • Black alloy rims.
  • 9mm wheel nut size.
  • Steel frame.
  • Suspension forks.
  • Reflectors included.
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Adjustable handlebars.
  • Minimal assembly.

The Flite Taser is a dual suspension bicycle which is the perfect choice for anyone looking to go off-road and on trails! Equipped with a sturdy steel 18 inch frame, front & rear suspension, Shimano 18 speed gear system and 26 inch alloy wheels with MTB specific tyres. This go anywhere dual-suspension bike will take you everywhere you wish. The front suspension fork and fully adjustable rear shock unit take the rough ground and make it smooth. 18-speed indexed gearing make hills feel smaller. With powerful dual mechanical disc brakes, stopping power isn't and issue. Together this combination provides everything you could wish for in a MTB bike. With front and rear mudguards to protect you from spray and dirt.  This bicycle offers the perfect full package and looks the part with its striking colour scheme!

Basis 1 Image

Basis 1

  • ✔ Durable Hi-tensile Steel Y-frame
  • ✔ 18 Speed Shimano Gearing System
  • ✔ Rotational Shifters
  • ✔ Powerful Mechanical Disc brakes

A high-quality, full suspension mountain bike designed to go up and down anything, anytime, anywhere. It has all the speed of a traditional hardtail with the plush, controlled suspension of a dual suspension bike.

Basis 1 - Read Review Check Latest Price

Basis 1 is a full suspension mountain bike that is designed to be affordable. It is made from high quality materials and is designed to be light weight and durable. The bike is designed for the rider who can appreciate the benefits of a full suspension bike. Basis 1 is a perfect fit for the mountain biker who wants to ride on a full suspension bike. Without having to spend thousands of pounds on one.

Basis 1 is a full suspension mountain bike designed for riders who are ready for the countryside. The lightweight frame features a 100mm suspension fork and a derailleur drivetrain for fast shifting. As well as a disc brakes for solid stopping power. The bike is available in two color combinations and features a gear range that performs in any adventure.

Mountain bikes are used in a wide variety of terrain and conditions. They are used by people in a wide variety of conditions and terrain. When you are cycling, you want to be able to trust your bike. Trust that it will be able to do what you ask it to. You want to be able to trust that your bike will be able to handle the terrain and conditions.

Light and strong, the Basis 1 is a full suspension rigid mountain bike. It brings a level of performance expected from budget bikes to a new height. Swiss engineered features from the Basis team allow the Basis 1 to climb so efficiently. You'll wonder if it really is a budget full suspension bike.

The Basis 1 Full Suspension Mountain Bike is made with an innovative aluminium frame. It will not dent or scratch as easily as others. It is also lighter weight, stronger, and more reliable than steel frames. The Basis 1 is also designed with a suspension system that is fully adjustable. It can be set to handle a variety of riding conditions.


Ammaco Arden Blush Mountain Bike Image

Ammaco Arden Blush Mountain Bike

  • ✔ Hi-Tensile Steel Frame
  • ✔ Full Suspension - Zoom Suspension Forks & Rear Shock
  • ✔ 21 Speed Shimano Gearing System
  • ✔ Front & Rear V-Brakes

Women's specific geometry and lighter weight make this bike perfect for longer days on the trail, with a wide range of gears and suspension to tackle any terrain.

Ammaco Arden Blush Mountain Bike - Read Review Check Latest Price

The Arden Blush is a full suspension mountain bike that is built for the rider who craves adventure and fun. Its reliable geometry and super-lightweight design make it a perfect choice for riders looking to take on the most challenging trails with ease.

Ammaco is an established company, with a history of producing great value mountain bikes at amazing prices. Their Arden Blush women's mountain bike is no different in this regard. It combines a full suspension frame and comfortable XC tyres to create a bike that's perfect for getting around on.

Arden Peak Image

Arden Peak

  • ✔ Hi-Tensile Steel Frame
  • ✔ Zoom Front Suspension Forks
  • ✔ 21 Speed Shimano Gearing System
  • ✔ 90% Pre-Built Upon Arrival

A mountain bike designed with the intention of delivering you the most performance for your money.

Arden Peak - Read Review Check Latest Price

Peak mountain bike is a full suspension mountain bike built with the mountain biker in mind. We offer three levels of suspension options to meet the needs of any level of rider. Whether you are looking for an entry level model, top of the line performance bike, or an incredible deal on a budget model, Peak mountain bike has something for everyone.

Designed for those who don't want to pay a lot but want a bike that will give them a good ride, Peak mountain bikes are a great way to get started. They have the performance that makes riding fun, with the features that allow you to make the most of your time on the trail.

Boss Astro Image

Boss Astro

  • ✔ Strong Link Suspension Frame
  • ✔ 18 Speed Gearing System
  • ✔ Front And Rear V-Brakes Setup
  • ✔ Soft Compound Handlebar Grips

The Astro Mountain Bike is a great choice for the avid mountain biker, beginner or casual rider. Designed to be easy on your wallet, it features a full suspension for an affordable and durable ride.

Boss Astro - Read Review Check Latest Price

You'll never be bored with this mountain bike. Whether you're heading to the park or just exploring your neighbourhood, you'll find endless ways to ride it. The full suspension absorbs rough terrain so you can keep pedalling, even when the trail gets a little muddy. The mudguards protect your legs in wet weather and help keep the tires clean from puddles, while the quick-release wheels make it easy to switch between bikes.

Astro Mountain bikes are great for all levels of riders, with a low-priced entry-level bike for beginners and an advanced option for the serious mountain biker. Astro bikes are built to provide you with a reliable, sturdy machine that's easy to maintain and tough enough to take on the rough stuff.

Overall we think this is a strong entry model. It's perfect for a beginner or someone who doesn't want to spend a lot on their first bike but wants something reliable and comfortable to ride.

Flite Women's Taser Mountain Bike Image

Flite Women's Taser Mountain Bike

  • ✔ Full Suspension (Front Fork Suspension And Adjustable Rear Shock Unit)
  • ✔ 18 Speed Shimano Gear System
  • ✔ Silver Alloy Rims
  • ✔ V Brakes Front And Rear

This bike really does look the part. We're shocked the price is so low because it looks like a monster mountain bike.

Flite Women's Taser Mountain Bike - Read Review Check Latest Price

Introducing the Flite Taser 2 ladies MTB bicycle. This Dual suspension bicycle is the perfect choice for anyone looking to off-road and on the trails! With its sturdy steel frame, front & rear suspension and 26 alloy wheels with MTB specific tyres, this bicycle offers the perfect full package and looks the part with its striking black & pink colour scheme! All this at a price which represents brilliant value for money.

Fully active dual suspension frame and forks providing a smooth ride.

Front and rear v brakes with shimano rotational shifters.

Key features

  • Women's mountain bikes.
  • 18.
  • Shimano shifters.
  • Shimano TX35 rear derailleur.
  • Front V-type and rear V-type brakes.
  • Dual suspension.
  • Mountain bike style Kenda tyres.
  • Alloy rims.
  • 9mm wheel nut size.
  • Steel frame.
  • Steel forks.
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Adjustable handlebars.
  • Minimal assembly.

This bike has lots of features, which is surprising as it's priced in a range that is filled with beginner bikes. We still feel this fits the beginners category but it's right at the top with the very best beginner mountain bikes for the price. The colour scheme works really well and has a rough and ready feel to it. Very nice bike, beautifully finished, we think it's a top pick. What do you think?

Boss Dominator Mountain Bike Image

Boss Dominator Mountain Bike

  • ✔ Front And Rear Mudguards
  • ✔ Soft Compound Handlebar Grips
  • ✔ Rear Shock Absorber
  • ✔ Zoom Branded Disc Brakes

A great all round mountain bike.

Boss Dominator Mountain Bike - Read Review Check Latest Price

The Boss Dominator 26 inch mountain bike is set to tackle the elements with powers and stand out in a crowd. The Dominator has a lightweight, yet strong, 6061 Alloy frame with a 750lb rear shock absorber and front suspension fork to provide a responsive ride and take the bumps out of the terrain. Control is further enhanced courtesy of the front and rear Zoom branded mechanical disc brakes which provide superior stopping power in all weather conditions. The 3-finger alloy levers respond well to the touch for re-assuring feedback, whilst 160 mm wavy rotors disperse heat to extended the braking performance.

18 speed Shimano gearing is controlled by dual rotational shifters, for a natural and seamless gear change. 2.1″ wide sure-grip knobbly mountain bike tyres keep you moving in the right direction and are supported by lightweight and robust, double wall rims to provide a strong base for your ride. The rims are painted in hard wearing red finish and feature large boss decals. Style is an abundance, thanks to the clean black frame and components, for a truly premium look. The full colour MTB saddle is fitted with rail adjusters to allow front to back adjustment with an alloy seatpost clamp providing bags of height adjustment for the best possible fit. The semi-raised MTB bars and A-head stem give you great control and feedback from the wheels putting you fully in control at all times. To complete the line-up, a sleek frame mounted front mud-guard and extended rear mudguard catches the crud thrown up whilst out on your ride and adds a cool aggressive edge to the design. If you are looking for a lightweight  eye-catching bike with the spec to impress, then the Boss Dominator is the bike for you.

  • Lightweight 6061 Alloy dual suspension mountain bike frame with 26" MTB wheels and a stronger A-head handlebar stem for premium off-road performance.
  • 18 Speed gearing with Shimano rear derailleur and Micro-shift rotational shifters to tackle any off-road terrain.
  • Strong and lightweight deep-section alloy wheel rims in a hard-wearing Red Gloss finish with large Boss graphics. Off-road 2.1" wide MTB tyres with deep tread for great traction on un-even ground.
  • Front and rear Zoom branded disc-brakes for reliable braking performance, powered by alloy brake levers for improved responsiveness.
  • Front and rear mudguards, soft-compound handlebar grips for a re-assuring ride and full-colour Falcon branded comfort saddle with rail adjusters.
  • 750 lbs rear shock absorber for a sturdy but forgiving ride.

Good all round mounting bike, comes very well packed and easy to be unpacked and ready to ride with very little work needed because the breaks and gears all come already set up. Gives a good ride and the gears work real well. The suspension is really good for those who like to throw their mountain bikes into the thick of things.

Some previous customers have complained that the pedals are terrible so it might be something you'd consider swapping out straight away.


ECOSMO 26 Image


  • ✔ String Aluminium Frame
  • ✔ Powerful Disc Brakes
  • ✔ Shock Absorbing Dual Suspension
  • ✔ 21 Speed Shimano Gearing System

This bike is the perfect companion for your weekend mountain biking excursions. It's lightweight and easy to fold up and carry with you when you're done, so you can be out on the trails in no time.

ECOSMO 26 - Read Review Check Latest Price

The ECOSMO 26 Folding Mountain Bike is a perfect choice for eco-friendly transportation. Its full-suspension frame and 26" wheels provide a smooth and comfortable ride. The seat post suspension lets you tackle the toughest terrain with ease. Plus, it folds up for easy transport or storage.

Whether you're looking to commute or use on leisure trips. The ECOSMO 26 folding mountain bike is a good shout. It's not often that you find a mountain bike that is capable of offering a smooth road journey. However the comfort of the ECOSMO 26's saddle. When paired with it's suspension means you're feel like you're floating on air. The 26" wheels are the perfect size for the city. When public transport is in order the 26" can both be folded and carried.

Unlike other folding bikes, this one has standard sized wheels. Which makes it far better for offroad riding that most. It is ideal for weekend riders and casual bikers, who want to enjoy mountain bike riding in their leisure time. Make your way over roots and rocks and enjoy the scenery with the relaxed, upright riding position.

It's small enough to fit in the back of a car or in the trunk of a city bus,. But don't let its size fool you. This mountain bike is stable and sturdy, and the front and rear suspension allows for a smooth ride.

The Ecosmo 26 is a high quality folding mountain bike. One that offers all the features a mountain biker would want for an affordable price. This is a bike that is quality made and is perfect for people looking for a solid bicycle. At a bargain price, designed to be enjoyed for years.

More Information Regarding Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under £1000 (2023)

Why Choose A Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under £1000?

Full suspension bikes feature suspension systems at both the front and the rear of the bike. This reduces the shock of riding over rough terrain, absorbing impacts from uneven ground. Affordable full suspension bikes are becoming increasingly accessible. As such, there is no great reason to go with anything else over a full suspension option. The price difference is now relatively insignificant. While the comfort added by the dual suspension design can make a substantial difference to your cycling experience. If you're tackling rock or trail or down hilling, you should go for a full suspension bike to save you from bumps.

Full suspension mountain bikes will absorb most of the blows that you would normally take directly on a front only suspension bike. This means you can ride for longer without getting tired or frustrated.

Different Types Of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under £1000

The best full suspension mountain bikes under £1000 come in four different breeds. Cross country, Trail, Enduro and Downhill. The most common being Trail bikes. The under £1000 price point is hugely popular and can generally contains bikes with good specs. High quality air suspensions, powerful hydraulic disc brakes (front and rear) and high quality aluminium frames. Which is everything you need to start hammering down some trails and advancing your skills.

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