Cannondale Synapse Road Bike

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So this bike looks spectacular, really it’s one of the nicest looking road bikes I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Cannondale has designed the Synapse be a marriage between race geometry and and upright comfort so as you are descending you’re going to feel confident feel, you’re going to feel that ‘save’ of features in the frame, dampening the vibration making sure that your tyres stay connected to the road.

A true endurance racer in spirit and capability. We assess the Cannondale Synapse Alloy range, comfortable and efficient road bikes to help you clock up the miles. In comparison with conventional street race bikes, the Cannondale Synapse presents a quite more upright riding position. This means you’re going to be more secure within the saddle on long rides, making the Synapse best for sportives and long distance rides.

This bike is epic, the suspension is out of this world. Cannondale’s efforts are likely to be compared to the suspension in a Formula One race car, being perfectly tuned, to make sure the handling is on point. so although the synapse is designed to be a comfortable in general and a little bit more relaxed road bike. when you need to put the power down the pedals you have plenty of stiffness in the frame, to make that happen.

Now one of the ways we’re able to accomplish that was by using the bottom bracket power pyramid. It splits and sits you right down towards the bottom bracket and increases the side to side torsional rigidity of that bottom brackets. So any time you’re putting forth in the pedals you want the bottom bracket to be super stiff so that doesn’t flex around on you to put more of your leg power into the road. coming back along the frame there’s dramatic shape changes everywhere on the synapse and that’s when the calmer I think of this frame. They call it a save feature and the save feature is suppose to give you a little bit of vibration dampening and a little bit of suspension, for handling that’s going to increase the bikes ability to handle bumpy terrain to go on grave, to go on dirt and just to make the bike feel overall more comfortable. They’ve got all the beautiful internal cable routing that comes with having electronic shifting you know you can’t really see any cables on this bike except for up of the hydraulic disc brakes.

Even up to fork, they route the hydraulic cable straight through the fork leg down and to the rotor. So the Cannondale synapse is using the synapse endurance road geometry that means that you have a taller head tube here, which is bringing the handlebars up and bringing your shoulders and you’re back in your head further up and looking forward to the you’re sitting on a nice balance between a race geometry and an upright comfortable geometry. This was the first type of road bike that I ever purchased. The reason for that was I was always running a pretty laid-back steel bike as in univega from 1980’s my dad’s bike. so tremendous sentimental value to me. I used to ride that hundreds of miles of the time because I was really into the distance touring aspect of things. when I wanted to up my performance I looked to the endurance geometry because that combines the performance of a carbon frame with the relaxed kind of feeling that I had from my old steel bike.

Cannondale Synapse – Final Thoughts

So you know this is a bike that I found I was able to really ride for hours and hours comfortably where all the other kind of racing type bikes that i rode are just a little too aggressive for me a little bit too low down here and you know that’s not really what I was after. I was after all day comfort, I was after exploration, I was after getting off the trail and just you know going wherever the bike would be taken basically. So again the Cannondale Synapse carbon Ultegra di2 with hydraulic disc brakes is a tremendous off road or on road bike whether you want to hit the pavement and go for a race where do you wanna hit the gravel go exploring have fun all day comfort lots of power a tremendous road bike all in all.