Best Folding Electric Bikes Under £500

Best Folding Electric Bikes Under £500 - Top 4 (December 2023)

The Best Folding Electric Bikes Under £500 (December 2023)

Folding electric bikes under £500 can be an effective and affordable alternative to driving, especially when commuting on short or moderate length journeys. The best electric bike for commuters would be one that offers a smooth ride, an impressive top speed and top quality disc brakes for slowing. With £500 you're likely to make some concessions in terms of brakes, top speed and range. However if you can cope with charging the bike after each journey or taking shorter trips it will be easier on your wallet.

Being a folding bike means you'll have the best folding options when you get to your destination. The fact electric bikes have a hub motor to do the heavy lifting means you're more likely to arrive way more refreshed.

Not fussed about your new bike being electric? Check out our folding bike buyers guide covering a similar price range. Folding Bikes Under 500.

Many of the best folding electric bikes will come with a front suspension and rear hub motor. Disc brakes are welcomed but not entirely necessary for some models who's top speed will be relatively low. Folding bikes are great when you need a way to store it while at work or in the cupboard at home. The range of options available is impressive but first, what exactly is a folding electric bike.

Editors Picks

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Product Windway 14 B3 TOEU Folding Electric Bike HITWAY BK1
  • Lightweight - Equipped With A 36V 6AH Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Fast - 350W Motor With A Top Speed Of 20km/h
  • Long Distance - Range Of 15-22km
  • Safe - Double Disc Brakes
  • 350W Brushless Electric Motor
  • Up To 18mph
  • Weighs only 12kg
  • Advanced Braking - Double Brakes At Front And Rear
  • 250 Watt Motor
  • 45km Range
  • Strong Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Durable 12 Inch Wheels
Our Rating 4.9/5 4.7/5 4.6/5
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The Best Folding Electric Bikes Under £500 Buyers Guide (December 2023)

  • 1. Windway 14 B3
  • 2. TOEU Folding Electric Bike
  • 3. HITWAY BK1
  • 4. Windgoo Folding Electric Bike
Windway 14 B3 Image

Windway 14 B3

  • ✔ Lightweight - Equipped With A 36V 6AH Lithium-Ion Battery
  • ✔ Fast - 350W Motor With A Top Speed Of 20km/h
  • ✔ Long Distance - Range Of 15-22km
  • ✔ Safe - Double Disc Brakes

Turn heads with this fantastic folding bike. Get to work, down to the shops or to a friends house in style with this electric bike.

Windway 14 B3 - Read Review Check Latest Price

If you're looking for an electric bike that folds in half and is super lightweight, then the Windway 14 is a bike that can help you meet those needs. In fact, this bike is one of the lightest folding electric bikes on the market.

The Windway 14 is the most popular Windway folding bike, and a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable way to get to work or school.  The bike is designed for daily commuting or riding to the shops in comfort. The frame is made from lightweight steel tubing which gives the bike a smooth ride with a low center of gravity, ideal for those who ride on roads or paths with potholes, uneven pavements or bumps. A great option for leisure cyclists, those who commute to work and want to get there faster, or anyone who wants to save money on fuel. The bike is perfect for commutes because it can be folded in about half the time it takes to fold a larger bike.

The Windway boasts an impressive battery life of approximately 22km on a single charge. It is suitable for riders of all abilities and comes with a front and rear disc brakes for a smooth, safe ride.

TOEU Folding Electric Bike Image

TOEU Folding Electric Bike

  • ✔ 350W Brushless Electric Motor
  • ✔ Up To 18mph
  • ✔ Weighs only 12kg
  • ✔ Advanced Braking - Double Brakes At Front And Rear

Easy to carry, all one does is drop the handle bar and it weighs as much as a cabin bag at 12kg.

TOEU Folding Electric Bike - Read Review Check Latest Price
  • Powerful Electric Bike: Li-ion LG 36V/6.0Ah battery; Speed of 30km/h; 350W brushless electric motor; 20~30km of driving distance depending on road conditions and weight; Max load carrier of 120kg.
  • Advanced Safety: Double brakes-front and rear wheel; Front and rear brakes by trigger on the handle; Bright Lights, Night Safety; Shock absorption design, Regular transmission and comfortable driving.
  • Portable and Foldable: Light weight of 12kg; Easy to store and travel. Comply with UK and EU road regulations. Suitable for teenagers and adults, ideal for the city commuter and countryside.
  • Improved Scooter: A clear LED display could help you easily control the speed and display the battery's capacity, speed and kilometers; 2-3 hours of charge; 14-inch wear-resistant solid rubber wheel.
  • Professional Service: Provide a lifetime warranty, comes with an e-bike, UK charger, user manual.

The TOEU is a powerful electric bike that has a maximum speed of approximately 18mph. It can achieve these speeds due to its high power brushless 350w electric motor. The TOEU motor is powered by a 36V 6.0Ah onboard lithium battery. This gives the TOEU folding bike a range of between 12 and 18 miles on a single charge. This depends on the road conditions and weight being carried. The maximum load this bike can carry is 120kg.

The TOEU has clearly prioritised safety in its design. The double front and rear mechanical disc brakes are a rarity on a bike of this price range. These brakes are triggered by a lever on the handlebars which also trigger the rear braking light.

With a recharge taking between 2 and 3 hours it won't be long until the TOEU is ready to go again. The electric bike complies with all UK and EU road regulations and so would make an ideal city commuter bike. The TOEU has an onboard LED display that shows the rider the current speed, remaining battery capacity and distance covered which is exactly what every electric bike owner wants to know. If the worst did happen and you ran out of battery, you can simply pedal what remains of your journey.

We really like this bike, we think it's fairly priced and the double brakes give it a unique feature compared to most other folding electric bikes on the market.

Here are some final comments from a collection of TOEU current owners.

"Got this bike to ride to work everyday and extremely pleased how it has made the journey so easy."

"I’m 75kgs snd it handles very well on the streets."

"This E-bike is very small and beautiful."

"Great little bike ,I use it to get round the town for my cleaning jobs, very happy with it."

"A nice little bike for short journeys."



  • ✔ 250 Watt Motor
  • ✔ 45km Range
  • ✔ Strong Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • ✔ Durable 12 Inch Wheels

Equipped with a 250W brushless power system, the HITWAY delivers smooth, consistent power always and everywhere.

HITWAY BK1 - Read Review Check Latest Price

The foldable electric bike is the perfect way to get around campus or trips to the grocery store without breaking the bank.

The full metal frame is lightweight and easy to fold. It could be described as the ultimate go-anywhere bike. The motor provides speeds of up to 10.5MPH and includes two LED lamps for night riding. This HITWAY electric bike is equipped with a high resolution LCD display. The display can be used to show the battery status and the speed, distance travelled, etc.

The HITWAY is equipped with both front and rear disc brakes. The charging time for the battery is 5-6 hours. The HITWAY frame is made of aluminum, making it strong and lightweight.
This bike can reach distances of up to 45km. The HITWAY offers a comfortable and stable ride. It is smooth and has a low center of gravity which helps in reducing body vibration.

The bike offers great value for money. Judging from the quality of the welds on the frame, the build of this bike is superb.

At first glance, this bike looks like a budget option with a low price. However, when you consider all the extras it offers: mudguards, front and rear lights, comfort seat etc., it becomes apparent that it offers great value for money.

The bike provides an excellent way to get around town without having to worry about public transport timetables and traffic jams. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a high quality bicycle at a reasonable price.


Windgoo Folding Electric Bike Image

Windgoo Folding Electric Bike

  • ✔ Unique Dolphin Shaped Frame
  • ✔ 350W High Speed Electric Motor
  • ✔ 10-15 Mile Range
  • ✔ Fast Changing In About 3 Hours

A foldable, electric only 12 inch bike that's lightweight, portable and easy to store. An ideal city or short journey bike.

Windgoo Folding Electric Bike - Read Review Check Latest Price

The Windgoo folding electric bike frame has a unique dolphin shape design. The electric bike has 350W high-speed motor 36V & 6.0Ah lithium battery easily help you to drive up to 25km/h and 15-25 km range, fast charging system only about 3 hours, it is ideal for getting around the city and short distance travel. The Windgoo has several functions available to the riders fingertips including check battery life, turn on the headlight, honk the horn, accelerate, and braking. The Windgoo e-bike comes with a mechanical disc brake for maximum braking capabilities. When you brake the smart taillight will activate to offer some warning to nearby pedestrians, motorists and passers by.

The eco-friendly bike is 100% electric, emissions free and available at a fraction of the price of most electric bikes. Saving both your wallet and the environment at the same time.

If you're happy enough with a fully electric bike then we can't see a better option for the money. Take a look for yourself.

More Information Regarding Folding Electric Bikes Under £500 (2023)

What is an electric folding bike?

A folding electric bike is just like a traditional bicycle with two important differences. The first is that it has a small battery-powered motor to help when you are tired or to glide up hills instead of exhausting yourself by powering through with pedals. The motor tends to cut out once you build up speed, usually around 25 mph, coming back in when needed. The second is that the bicycle folds up, so you can carry it or stash it easily while you get on with your day. Folding and unfolding takes mere seconds, so you will not be delayed at all by the process. If you have access to a safe bike stand, you can leave your bike assembled and simply lock it up like a normal bike.

The range of folding electric bikes – how far they will get you before the battery runs out and you have to do all the work yourself – varies considerably. Manufacturers base the range claims of their bikes on different scenarios where the weight of the rider and speed/incline varies, which makes it difficult to compare like for like and know which one will really take you furthest.

So Which Are The Best Electric Bikes?

While all of these e-bikes are worthy of being the best folding electric bike under £500. Ultimately you will have to choose the one that is best for you. Before you buy a folding electric bike, you should weigh important factors like frame, motor power, and battery range. Consider your unique needs to find the bike that is perfect for you. Whether you are in need of a folding e-bike for your commute, exercise, or leisure, each of these options has earned its place as one of the top folding electric bikes of the year.

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