Best Folding Bikes Under £300

Best Folding Bikes Under £300 - Top 5 (May 2022)

The Best Folding Bikes Under £300 (May 2022)

Folding bikes under £300 are extremely well suited for people living in urban environments as they can be easily transported and stored. If your commute involves a bus or a train, or you have to haul your bike into the office, you might want to consider a folding bike. Commuters who opt to ride their bike into work in the city may not have the option of locking up their vehicle on the street.

Many people who ride folding bikes will spring for a carrying case; as well so that the bike can easily be stowed and tucked away while they are at work; making it a much more convenient and secure transportation option. A folding bike has the security benefit that it’s easy to take it inside, and keep under your desk.

Folding bikes range from single speed to the most common 7 speed models and more. They are usually great replacements for road bike journeys where public transport is needed. Bikes that fold away are easy to store away at home, on the train and at the office. We've found all the best folding bikes under 300 pounds and listed them below. We hope you find the right bike for you.

The Best Folding Bikes Under £300 Buyers Guide (May 2022)

  • 1. Ecosmo 20 Folding Bike
  • 2. Stowabike V2 Folding City Bike
  • 3. Cicli Cinzia Firenze Folding Bike
  • 4. ECOSMO 26
  • 5. Ammaco Pakka Folding Bike
Ecosmo 20 Folding Bike Image

Ecosmo 20 Folding Bike

  • ✔ Lightweight Aluminium Frame
  • ✔ 7 Speed Shimano Gears
  • ✔ Patented Folding Lock
  • ✔ Alloy rear rack

It will transform the way you commute to work.

Ecosmo 20 Folding Bike - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

The Ecosmo 20 Folding Bike was very first folding bike we reviewed. It’s a very sturdy folding bike which offers a storage rail at the rear allowing for small luggage transportation. Not quite podium potential due to the more expensive bikes offering more comfort and technology however well worth considering.

  • Lightweight Alluminium Frame, bike only 12Kg
  • 7 Speed SHIMANO Gears
  • Adjustable handlebar & stem
  • Patented Folding Lock,Super safe and convenient!!
  • Folding Pedals, Alloy rear rack, Alloy Crank

The Ecosmo folding bike is hugely popular and rightly so. It offers commuters a usable mode of transportation while allowing for simple storage once at work. This lovely lightweight alloy folding bike is an ideal companion for your life. The Ecosmo is easy to carry weighing in at just 12 Kg. It is also really easy to fold up taking no more than a reported 1 minute to do it after you get the hang of it. This compact folding bike has sturdy, long seat post, so it is suitable for short and tall riders.

This quality folding bike is an ideal companion for your life. It offers families with enjoyments and mobility in a high level. Everything in one box weighs just 18 Kg. Really easy to fold up, and it takes you no more than 2 minute to do it after you get used to the process, you’ll easily fit this bike inside your car boot.

Small & Compact

When compact this bike takes up 87cm(L) 39cm(W) 60cm(H), this allows you to store it in places you couldn’t even consider for a standard bike.

Ecosmo Folding Bike Summary

A great modern bike that takes full advantage of the technology available. It will transform the way you commute to work, or simply transport your bike. Whether you choose to get on a bus, train or in a car with it, life with a folding bike will prove to be much simpler than a standard bike. Although these benefits do come at a price. The smaller wheels, less road comfort all are factors to consider when you decide for or against a folding bike. The Ecosmo is the obvious choice if you do choose a folding bike over a conventional one.

Stowabike V2 Folding City Bike Image

Stowabike V2 Folding City Bike

  • ✔ 20" Steel Folding Frame
  • ✔ 6 Speed Microshift Grip Shifters
  • ✔ Shimano RD-TY18S 6 Speed Rear Derailleur
  • ✔ Built in Steel Front And Rear Mudguards

This compact bike is ideal for use as a commuting bike in urban environments, where it can be easily folded and stored when you've reached your destination.

Stowabike V2 Folding City Bike - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

Introducing the Stowabike V2 folding city bike. With built in mud guards to keep you clean, a built in rear cargo rack for carrying your goods, and an easy to use, reliable folding mechanism. This folding city bike really has been designed with city life in mind.

Frame: 20" steel folding frame
Fork: Steel 20"
Shifter: Microshift 6 speed grip shifter
Rear Derailleur: RD-TZ50 6 speed
Freewheel: 6 speed
Rims: 20" single wall
Kickstand: middle kickstand
Mudguards: built in steel mudguards
Tyres: 20 x 1.75"
Pedals: YH-8X with With CPSC Reflectors
Chainset: 3/32""X46T Steel Chainring, Steel Cranks CP & Clear Single Chainguard
Brakes: steel V-Brakes
Handlebar: 560mm Lorise Handlebar
Grips: Black rubber
Dimensions: 153 x 65 x 91cm
Folded dimensions: W 86cm x L 23cm x H 59cm
Weight: 15.5kg

If you're looking for a bike that will get your around the city, carry your bag among other items, fold away for easy storage and home and not cost the earth. Then this bike is a perfect fit. It costs less than most folding bikes yet it's get superb reviews and recommendations from previous customers. It comes with little extras that make riding around the city all the more enjoyable. Things like a curved handlebar for easier resting grip. A middle kickstand for when you're stationary. Front and rear steel mudguards to keep water and debris off your nice clean clothes and a storage rack at the rear so you don't have to carry everything on your back while riding.

Seriously, if you're on a tight budget you have to take a look at the Stowabike V2 folding city bike.

Cicli Cinzia Firenze Folding Bike Image

Cicli Cinzia Firenze Folding Bike

  • ✔ Frame Hi-Tension Folding Steel Frame
  • ✔ Folding Dimensions: (L x W x H): 80 cm x 40 cm x 70 cm.
  • ✔ Front And Rear Mudguards
  • ✔ Unique Italian Design

The Italian design conveys a special attitude towards life.

Cicli Cinzia Firenze Folding Bike - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

The Cicli Cinzia Firenze Folding Bike is a very eye catching folding bike. At first sight it doesn’t look like it is a folding bike at all, the wheels are larger than most folding bikes for example. The Cicli Cinzia Firenze Folding Bike has a storage rail at the rear and comes with a very cute headlight. Worth considering if you’re interested in aesthetics as much as design.

The 20 Inch Firenze folding bike from Cinzia is ideal for commuters who place emphasis on mobility. It can be easily folded up and also used at peak times in the tram and bus. Of the most important performance features of the Cicli Cinzia Firenze folding bike includes, among other things, a practical folding frame, reliable lighting, as well as the comfortable Bassano Quake saddle. Also, the strong aluminium calliper rim brakes bring the necessary braking force. You can take the Cicli Cinzia Firenze everywhere: on the train, in the tram or even on the bus.

The Italian design conveys a special attitude towards life.

Frame Hi-Tension folding steel frame height 40 cm fork Hi-Ten Unicrown steel stem, handlebar aluminium chrome-plated steel brake calliper aluminium brake.

Seat post: 250 mm, aluminum. Saddle: Bassano Quake. Pedals: City, resin. Weight: 13.2 kg.
Dimensions when folded: (L x W x H): 80 cm x 40 cm x 70 cm.
Accessories: Mudguard.

Cicli Cinzia Firenze Folding Bike PROS:

  • All components are perfectly matched and give you a unique driving experience.
  • All components provide extreme durability and are designed to make the 20 inch Firenze folding bicycle a trusted companion in everyday life.
  • The colour and style is gorgeous and is very easy to assemble and ride.
  • The Cicli Cinzia Firenze folding bike also comes with a small air pump which fits very nicely on the side of the pannier holder.
  • The quality & look of the bike is excellent.
  • Great saddle & good speed without gears.

ECOSMO 26 Image


  • ✔ String Aluminium Frame
  • ✔ Powerful Disc Brakes
  • ✔ Shock Absorbing Dual Suspension
  • ✔ 21 Speed Shimano Gearing System

This bike is the perfect companion for your weekend mountain biking excursions. It's lightweight and easy to fold up and carry with you when you're done, so you can be out on the trails in no time.

ECOSMO 26 - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

The ECOSMO 26 Folding Mountain Bike is a perfect choice for eco-friendly transportation. Its full-suspension frame and 26" wheels provide a smooth and comfortable ride. The seat post suspension lets you tackle the toughest terrain with ease. Plus, it folds up for easy transport or storage.

Whether you're looking to commute or use on leisure trips. The ECOSMO 26 folding mountain bike is a good shout. It's not often that you find a mountain bike that is capable of offering a smooth road journey. However the comfort of the ECOSMO 26's saddle. When paired with it's suspension means you're feel like you're floating on air. The 26" wheels are the perfect size for the city. When public transport is in order the 26" can both be folded and carried.

Unlike other folding bikes, this one has standard sized wheels. Which makes it far better for offroad riding that most. It is ideal for weekend riders and casual bikers, who want to enjoy mountain bike riding in their leisure time. Make your way over roots and rocks and enjoy the scenery with the relaxed, upright riding position.

It's small enough to fit in the back of a car or in the trunk of a city bus,. But don't let its size fool you. This mountain bike is stable and sturdy, and the front and rear suspension allows for a smooth ride.

The Ecosmo 26 is a high quality folding mountain bike. One that offers all the features a mountain biker would want for an affordable price. This is a bike that is quality made and is perfect for people looking for a solid bicycle. At a bargain price, designed to be enjoyed for years.

Ammaco Pakka Folding Bike Image

Ammaco Pakka Folding Bike

  • ✔ Lightweight Alloy Folding Frame
  • ✔ Shimano Revo Shift 6 Speed Gearing
  • ✔ Front And Rear Mudguards
  • ✔ Rear Cargo Rack

If you're looking for a lightweight folding bike that's designed for the modern day commuter then the Ammaco Pakka folding bike might be perfect for you.

Ammaco Pakka Folding Bike - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

When space is at a premium, the Ammaco Pakka Folding Bike is the perfect solution. This bike is easy to fold away and is perfect for holidays or when your commute involves public transport. It features a lightweight alloy frame, 6 speed Shimano gears for a speedy ride, alloy V-brakes for assured stopping, and is topped off with dual density grips and a soft saddle for extra comfort

  • Hi-Tensile Steel Folding Frame
  • Hi-Tensile Steel Straight Blade Forks
  • Front & Rear V-Brakes
  • Shimano 6 Speed Revoshift Shifters
  • Shimano TZ500 6 Speed Cassette
  • Shimano Tourney Rear Derailleur
  • Single Ring Chain-set w/Double Guard
  • Alloy Double Wall Wheel Rims
  • Steel Rear Carrier Rack
  • Side Kickstand
  • Folding Pedals
  • Front & Rear Mudguards
  • Folding Handlebars
  • Dimensions When Folded: Width-36cm x Height-63cm x Length-84cm
  • Colour: Black & Blue

Colour: Comes in a Black & Red colour. You will be sure to turn heads with your new Ammaco Pakka Lite folding bike. Can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth. Don’t be surprised if you get a lot more attention on your commute to work.

Alloy Folding Frame:  A lightweight frame is great for any commute as it can easily be put into storage while commuting by public transport or at home.

Aluminium is a durable material and is great for any minor bump or scrap. Aluminium is known to outperform steel in lab tests.

Shimano gears: 6 speed Shimano gears that will allow the rider to easily match the pace of the Ammaco Pakka Lite folding bike to their riding conditions.

V Type Brakes: The rider will be able to react quickly to any situations with a set of front and rear alloy type brakes.  Boost your confidence with a set of good quality brakes.

Mudguards: Protect yourself against any unwanted spray from the commute with front and back mudguards. The chain is also protected with a chain guard that protects the bodies moving parts against the Ammaco Pakka Lite folding bike.

Side Prop stand: Easily prop up the Pakka lite bike. Great for a quick trip to the shops.  A rear carrier that’s great for carrying home the shopping.

Customer reviews seem to be positive for this particular model. Which is always good to hear!

"Good product, good delivery."

"Assembly was just unfolding as you would in normal use."

"Changed the seat to a more comfortable one."

More Information Regarding Folding Bikes Under £300 (2022)

The Best Folding Bike Designs

City commuters love the convenience of space-saving folding bikes, but a smooth and easy-to-use folding mechanism can be an investment. Designers have gotten pretty creative with the folding mechanisms they use on folding bikes over the last several years; and you’ll find a wide variety of them while shopping for the right bike.

Mid fold bikes feature a hinge in the center that allows the rider to fold it in half for storage; while triangle fold bikes will feature an additional hinge somewhere on the back that allows the seat and rear wheel to be folded inward. In addition to these two types, there are also breakaway bikes; which involve disassembling various elements of the bike to make it even more compact. Folding bikes are in craze lately because they take up a little space of your garage and can be easily carried around in your car or truck.

Folding Bike Materials & Components

Made with high-quality materials, steel frame folding bikes under £300 can give you a reliable stopping power with disc brakes front and rear. They can let you have perfect control when you ride and offer an easy to fold folding frame. The lightest folding bikes can be carried easily. Many have smaller wheel size to allow the bikes to collapse really tightly. Some have a collapsible seat post and removable front wheel.

Best Bike Guide

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