Viking Gravity Folding Bike

Viking Gravity Folding Bike Buyers Guide Review (May 2022)

  • ✔ Lightweight Alloy Folding Frame With Internal Battery
  • ✔ 20" Alloy Double Wall 30 Hole Rims With Black Spokes
  • ✔ 4 Hour Full Charge Time
  • ✔ 22 Miles / 35 Kilometre Range
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The Viking Gravity Folding Bike is a very strong, sturdy bike. This is part of its undoing in our opinion as it is heavier than most of the other folding bikes we’ve reviewed and doesn’t fold down as well. It seems to be a great option for those who will travel long distances and aren’t regularly packing and unpacking it, stowing it on trains and buses or storing it in high or awkward places.

Quality, style and longevity have always been the hallmark of Viking bicycles. Vikings today incorporate these fundamental qualities and try to expand the range to meet the growing demands of changing lifestyles. The range includes: electric bicycles, road cycling, trekking, comfort, tandems, city folder and urban sport. Each model now utilises the technical developments of current manufacturing processes and light tubing.

Electric Viking Gravity 24V Electric Bicycle offers a compatible range of about 22 miles/35 kilometres from its 24 volt and 8.8 mAh battery. Instead of accelerating, the engine will help you as soon as you pedal. With the six-speed Shimano power train, you can still choose a comfortable speed and choose the level of support you need, depending on the terrain.

Assisted electric bicycles are limited to a maximum speed of approximately 25 km/h. However, you do not need any insurance coverage. If you want vision you can drive without the battery like a normal bicycle. The heart of the Vision is a 250-watt brushless front wheel motor. The 24-volt battery is locked away internally to keep it safe yet is easy to install / remove with the key, of which two are provided. Charge time is approximately 4 hours total and the folding mechanism is simple and foolproof (if we can do it....)

Viking Vision Folding Bike Pros:

  • When brand new, it comes sealed in box.
  • The bicycle is almost built. It may be necessary to inflate the tires and adjust the gears / brakes before use
  • Inner tubes are supplied with puncture-resistant sealant.
  • The handlebars and seats are adjustable.
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