Best Electric Bikes Under £500

Top 2 Best Electric Bikes Under £500 (January 2021)

Updated - January 1, 2021

A new era of cycling has begun. The best electric bikes under £500, are becoming increasingly popular as their design evolves to produce ever lighter models. Its thought that in the not-too-distant future, everyone will have one. Electric bicycles are fitted with an electric motor that can be used as a boost of power when cycling up hills or your legs are feeling the effects of a long ride. EU law does not permit electric bikes to purely rely on their brushless motor, so you usually have to pedal as well. The extra power a brushless motor can bring opens up the world of cycling to many who wouldnt otherwise try it. You can ride faster, further and for longer with the back-up of that little electric motor!

The Best Electric Bikes Are Virtually Silent

When you ride an electric bike under £500, it is virtually silent, so it doesn’t disturb the ride. The beauty of e-bikes is that they make the joy of cycling accessible to so many people in so many ways.

Electric Bikes Are Great For Commuting

E-bikes under £500 come into their own when you want to start commuting on two wheels, say, but feel your 30 miles round trip journey is just that bit too long or strenuous. Assisted pedalling means less exertion and less chance of arriving at work dripping in sweat. There’s some evidence that e-bike owners cycle more, so even if it’s not as good a workout as a regular bike, it’s certainly better than nothing. E-bikes are heavier than regular ones, often 7kg extra or more. So, if the battery goes flat, then you are pedalling a heavy bike.

It’s worth noting that some of these bikes have very impressive single charge ranges. So the likelihood of you running the battery dry is low unless you’ve got a very impressive journey ahead of you. The battery and motor combination is worth the additional weight and offer great value for money. E-bikes are also pricier than those that thrive on push power alone.

An electric bike has to have all features a great common bike has and a battery with astounding battery life and electric front hub motor that is powerful enough to make a huge difference.

Having An Electric Bike Is Not Considered Cheating

Attitudes to electric bikes under £500 have changed in recent years. For a long time they were seen by cyclists as ‘cheating’ and by non-cyclists as being just like a bike, but uglier and far more expensive. This new breed of best-in-class electric bikes feel more natural, look more normal, weigh far less and people are coming around to the idea that a ride with the convenience of a bike but without all the sweat and effort is a good thing.

For a commuter, they’re ideal. While you still feel you’ve done exercise, the assistance means you won’t arrive at work in a hot and sweaty state. The power boost whenever you start from a standing position is ideal for a speedy getaway at a traffic light with buses and lorries right behind you. And you’ll get a nice ego boost every time you effortlessly ride past a struggling regular cyclist.

Electric Bikes Can Improve The Health Of You And The Planet

E-bikes under £500 are only going to get more popular as people try to reduce their carbon footprints, save money, and get a little fitter. Electric bicycles offer the same great benefits as traditional bicycles and remove many of the roadblocks and challenges that people face with traditional pedal-powered bikes. With help of an electric brushless motor you can get where you need to be faster, climb hills effortlessly and significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Electric Bikes are Eco friendly and green, by purchasing and using one, instead of your car, you’re helping the environment.

E-bikes are a fantastic route into cycling for beginners, or for those returning to cycling, as they provide a helping hand when it comes to conquering physical fitness challenges.

Since electric bikes come in a number of different varieties, working out which one is the best is tricky. We’ve picked our favourite for less than £500. Hope you find one that suits you!

Best Electric Bikes Under £500 - Top 2
  1. Augu Folding Mountain Bike - This dual suspension bicycle is the perfect choice for anyone looking to off-road and on the trails.
  2. FIIDO D3 Folding Electric Bike - The FIIDO D3 folding electric bike is a great little bike! Fun to ride and easy to fold and unfold. Great value for money.


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Augu Folding Mountain Bike

Augu Folding Mountain Bike

  • ✔ Dual Suspension
  • ✔ 30 Speed Rear Derailleur And Shifters
  • ✔ Chunky On And Off Road Tyres
  • ✔ Dual Mechanical Disc Brakes
This dual suspension bicycle is the perfect choice for anyone looking to off-road and on the trails.

If you’re looking to step up your mountain biking skills without breaking the bank, then look no further. The Mountain Bike is the perfect bike to go out and conquer the trails on. Equipped with a sturdy high-carbon steel dual-suspension frame , every trail is now in play. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the freedom of riding mountain bike. This dual suspension bicycle is the perfect choice for anyone looking to off-road and on the trails! with its sturdy steel frame, front & rear suspension and 26 inch wheels with MTB specific tyres, this bicycle offers the perfect full package and looks the part.

  • Frame Material: High-carbon Steel
  • Handlebar: Comfortable Non-slip rubber handle
  • Brake: Front and Rear Mechanical Double Disk Brake
  • Saddle: Professional MTB Saddle
  • Speed: 27
  • Wheel Size: 26 inches
  • featuring a front suspension fork and rear shock
  • Fork: Front Fork Suspension
  • Number of blades: 6
  • Maximum weight capacity: 240lbs


FIIDO D3 Folding Electric Bike

FIIDO D3 Folding Electric Bike

  • ✔ Lightweight Aluminium Frame
  • ✔ 250W Electric Motor
  • ✔ Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • ✔ 3 Riding Modes, Full Electric, Assisted And Manual
The FIIDO D3 folding electric bike is a great little bike! Fun to ride and easy to fold and unfold. Great value for money.

Strong Body

The handle bar is made from aluminium alloy. This makes the bike light weight yet remain very sturdy.

  • Net Weight: 36.3lb
  • Tyres: 14inch
  • Max Load: 240lb
  • Adjustable Saddle Tube :70-105cm
  • Adjustable Handlebar: 95-110cm

Intelligent Cycling Model

Switch easily between the 3 cycling modes. Full electric, assisted electric and fully manual. When turn the throttle on, it’s automatically in pure electric mode, as well as when turn the throttle off and step the pedals, it’s in assisted mode. The assisted riding speed may be affected by the rider’s weight, environment and road conditions.

Brake & Gear Shift System

The FIIDO D3 folding electric bike has a 12Tooth Gearing system, a 3-speed assistant powered shift, 52-tooth chain set and the perfect brakes fully protect your safety. The horn and the bright LED headlamp are equipped for night riding.

Space Saving

The folding design can bring you a lot of convenience. The one-piece forged quick folding mechanism can be easily collapsed and folded by unlocking the automatic locking insurance mechanism, which is great for daytime storage at the bottom of the office or under the stairs. The whole bike, when folded can even be placed in the boot of a car.

We really like this bike It’s the 3rd Fiido we’ve reviewed and honestly we love them all. Check it out.

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