FIIDO D3 Folding Electric Bike

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Strong Body

The handle bar is made from aluminium alloy. This makes the bike light weight yet remain very sturdy.

  • Net Weight: 36.3lb
  • Tyres: 14inch
  • Max Load: 240lb
  • Adjustable Saddle Tube :70-105cm
  • Adjustable Handlebar: 95-110cm

Intelligent Cycling Model

Switch easily between the 3 cycling modes. Full electric, assisted electric and fully manual. When turn the throttle on, it’s automatically in pure electric mode, as well as when turn the throttle off and step the pedals, it’s in assisted mode. The assisted riding speed may be affected by the rider’s weight, environment and road conditions.

Brake & Gear Shift System

The FIIDO D3 folding electric bike has a 12Tooth Gearing system, a 3-speed assistant powered shift, 52-tooth chain set and the perfect brakes fully protect your safety. The horn and the bright LED headlamp are equipped for night riding.

Space Saving

The folding design can bring you a lot of convenience. The one-piece forged quick folding mechanism can be easily collapsed and folded by unlocking the automatic locking insurance mechanism, which is great for daytime storage at the bottom of the office or under the stairs. The whole bike, when folded can even be placed in the boot of a car.

We really like this bike It’s the 3rd Fiido we’ve reviewed and honestly we love them all. Check it out.