Best Carbon Road Bikes Under £3000

Best Carbon Road Bikes Under £3000 - Top 2 (May 2022)

The Best Carbon Road Bikes Under £3000 (May 2022)

The latest generation of carbon road bikes under £3000 offer a fantastic combination of performance and value. It's a very good material for bike frames, both light and stiff, two very desirable features in a bike frame. Modern carbon frames are comfortable as well. Gone are the days when you would expect a harsh ride from a carbon bike.

Entry-level carbon road bikes normally offer slightly less exotic groupsets and components. Yet tend to feature very well-engineered frames. Look for a carbon frame instead of steel as it’ll be almost as strong but just a fraction of the weight.

The Best Carbon Road Bikes Under £3000 Buyers Guide (May 2022)

  • 1. SAVA Phantom 3.0
  • 2. SAVA Warwind 5.0
SAVA Phantom 3.0 Image

SAVA Phantom 3.0

  • ✔ 22 Speed Ultegra 8000 Derailleur System
  • ✔ Continental Pro Racing Tyres
  • ✔ Italian Racing Saddle
  • ✔ Aluminium Pedals Included

A road bike with an aerodynamic frame and carbon fiber bodywork, the SAVA Phantom has been designed to tackle any commute.

SAVA Phantom 3.0 - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

The SAVA Phantom 3.0 is a true road bike, with the frame and fork made from carbon fiber, and designed to be used for commuting, touring or racing. When it comes to the design of a road bike, SAVA knows what riders want - they are lightweight and stiff enough to handle all terrain with ease.

The SAVA Phantom 3.0 is a race-ready road bike that offers the same quality components as the top-of-the-line Phantom bikes. All of this, packaged up in an entry level carbon fiber bike that's ready for commuting and everyday use.

It's equipped with an adjustable, linear drivetrain for a smooth shifting action and various gearing options, including a compact 22 speed gearing system for city riding or longer distances at higher speeds. The SAVA Phantom 3.0 is made with a Japanese carbon fiber frame making it lightweight as well as durable and will easily handle city commutes and weekend rides through the countryside when combined with its 22 speed groupset.

An ultra light carbon road bike thats built with high quality Japanese carbon fiber. Not the cheapest bike on the market but a solid option for those who want a higher calibre of road bike. The bike comes almost fully assembled however you'll need to put the finishing touches to it. Also it goes without saying that all new bikes braking systems will need a quick once over and some minor configuration.

SAVA Warwind 5.0 Image

SAVA Warwind 5.0

  • ✔ Internal Cable Routing
  • ✔ Shimano 105 22-Speed Derailleur System
  • ✔ Aluminium Pedals Included
  • ✔ Easy to Assemble

A road bike made from the highest quality Japanese carbon fiber. An ultra light carbon road bike that will give you a smooth and enjoyable ride.

SAVA Warwind 5.0 - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

A fantastic bike that offers some performance without paying through the nose for it. Finding a road bike that has a carbon fiber frame for a fair price is tough these days. Especially since the summer rush on bikes. We saw many retailers sell out and those few that remained in stock saw prices rise in accordance with demand.

The SAVA Warwind 5.0 was no different. Joy however, that this carbon bike is now back in stock and ready for your cycling pleasure.

The high quality carbon fiber frame uses Japanese materials. The frame looks fantastic. It has a futuristic look to it, with the curves in certain areas giving a space age feel to the bike. A lightweight frame is a must for most riders. Less weight means you'll have less drag when powering up hills. When you pair the carbon frame with the fork and seat post which are also both carbon fiber. You end up with a nice light setup.

The handlebars on the Warwind 5.0 are made of aluminium. Having Shimano 105 22-Speed derailleur shifters mounted at a very ergonomically pleasing position helps for a comfortable ride.

The standard saddle that comes with the Warwind 5.0 is also made for speed. It's ultra thin design allows the rider to sit quite comfortably and comes with the usual adjustable features. Helping you find the perfect setup for your personal preferences. The saddle has been designed for long distance travel which helps if you're planning on using this bike for commuting or long weekend rides.

The braking system installed might not be the 'disc brakes' that some more expensive models provide. However the brakes are responsive and aren't an area to be worried about on the Warwind 5.0. Just keep an eye on the pads, make sure you're not running them too low. Correctly configured and aligned V brakes are perfectly acceptable as long as they are maintained.

Overall, we think this bike is fantastic. Another success from the SAVA team.

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