Best Commuter Bikes Under £500

Top 2 Best Commuter Bikes Under £500 (January 2021)

Updated - January 7, 2021

A commuter bike is something that you need to get around the city as quickly as possible. It’s usually a step up from a standard city bike. Although there are many good choices that are hard to distinguish from the standard bikes that you see around. So how do you know what to look for? Today, we’ll review some of the better commuter bikes available under £500. We’ll give you some details about each one that you can use as a buying guide. Then compare the best to find the perfect commuter for you.

Ditch the car, save money and get fit. There are plenty of reasons to buy a bike. Choosing the best commuter bike under £500 is the aim of the game. With flat handlebars, a good spread of gears and slightly chunkier tyres than you’ll find on a road bike. They’re versatile enough to both commute through the city during the week, and escape it at weekends. These bikes are designed to be used for transportation, and provide riders with the durability they need to get through the daily grind.

Why Choose The Best Commuting Bike Under £500

The commuter bicycle is ideal for commuting over both small and lengthy distances. With an extra upright mountain bike feel, it presents a relaxed ride that will not leave you sore after you get off.

If you are thinking to go for an enjoyable hobby, a contemptible commuting mode, or an exciting sport. Then you should consider cycling. Before purchasing a bike, purchasers should spend more time learning about different types of bikes accessible and the features they offer. Additionally, it’s important to discover a bike that fits the rider, to supply long-term bicycling enjoyment. By utilising the tips provided to discover and buy bicycles online. Cyclists will be capable of finding the right bike to meet their cycling necessitates at the reasonable price of £500.

A Comfortable Bike For Commuting

For many riders, comfort is a requirement. Comfort in a bicycle almost always comes at the cost of performance. A more laid back riding position gives you less mechanical advantage. Many people get caught up in gimmicky features like a heavily padded seat, swept back handlebars and shock absorbers. In our opinion, one of the key contributors to rider comfort is frame geometry. Commuter bikes are designed to keep the rider comfortable for long periods of time. You’re more upright than you would be on a road bike. Yet the bike glides over the road far better than a mountain bike would.

Similar To A Commuter Bike

Some would say commuters are more like hybrid bikes and in a way they are. Because their emphasis is on an enjoyable ride rather than performance. Comfortable commuter bikes tend to be the least expensive of the bunch. There’s little point in putting fancy componentry on a bike that won’t realise any performance advantage from them. Instead you find additional features on them, like kick stands, storage racks and disc brakes. The best commuter bikes are designed to get you where you need to go without breaking a sweat.

Our team of expert enthusiasts have scoured the market to find the best commuter bikes under £500. We have researched, reviewed and recommended the best one so our audience don’t have to.

Best Commuter Bikes Under £500 - Top 2
  1. Ape Rider 20" Folding Bike - A beautifully designed folding bike. Available in a variety of colours. We think this bike looks great and it's a great price as well.
  2. Cicli Cinzia Firenze Folding Bike - The Italian design conveys a special attitude towards life.


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Ape Rider 20

Ape Rider 20" Folding Bike

  • ✔ 7 Speed Shimano Gearing System
  • ✔ Mulit Terrain Cycling Tyres
  • ✔ Chrome Kickstand
  • ✔ Lots Of Great Colours To Choose From
A beautifully designed folding bike. Available in a variety of colours. We think this bike looks great and it's a great price as well.
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Never worry that your bike will be stolen again! Just fold it up and bring it indoors with you, the Schwinn Loop folds into a neat little package for simple storage and transport.

When you’re ready to ride just fold it out, load your stuff and go. When you get to work or home, fold it up and bring it in with you. You can even bring it on a train or bus for the ultimate in all weather bike commuting convenience!

  • Folding bike 20 inch, Shimano 7 speed gears.Multi-terrain cycling tires and V-style brakes
  • Alloy adjustable seat, you can adjust the height of kickstand as you need. Speed cycle for adults and teenagers with folding pedals
  • Adult bicycle that folds up small for easy storage. Riders between 150-180 cm tall, can ride comfortably.
  • Classic folding bike design extended steel frame and wheels with forward peddling design ! All cycles are 90%, it will require more assembly on pedals, stem bars, and front wheel. Adjusting front, rear brakes, and gears, as well as a general check over of all fixings on pre assembled parts. We strongly suggest that customers take the bike to a local bike shop for assistance, and is likely to incur extra cost to the purchaser.

Some of the previous customer’s statements are very positive however there are a few negative ones. We’ve covered the key ones below.

“Bike is well made and with all the standard features such as V-brakes, gears so its easy to service and maintain.”

“There is quick release on the seat post and both wheels which makes it easy to deconstruct.”

“I just love this bike and it looks great.”

“The colour of the bike was great.”

“The bike needs assembling.”

“Perfect for short trips to the city.”

Cicli Cinzia Firenze Folding Bike

Cicli Cinzia Firenze Folding Bike

  • ✔ Frame Hi-Tension Folding Steel Frame
  • ✔ Folding Dimensions: (L x W x H): 80 cm x 40 cm x 70 cm.
  • ✔ Front And Rear Mudguards
  • ✔ Unique Italian Design
The Italian design conveys a special attitude towards life.

The Cicli Cinzia Firenze Folding Bike is a very eye catching folding bike. At first sight it doesn’t look like it is a folding bike at all, the wheels are larger than most folding bikes for example. The Cicli Cinzia Firenze Folding Bike has a storage rail at the rear and comes with a very cute headlight. Worth considering if you’re interested in aesthetics as much as design.

The 20 Inch Firenze folding bike from Cinzia is ideal for commuters who place emphasis on mobility. It can be easily folded up and also used at peak times in the tram and bus. Of the most important performance features of the Cicli Cinzia Firenze folding bike includes, among other things, a practical folding frame, reliable lighting, as well as the comfortable Bassano Quake saddle. Also, the strong aluminium calliper rim brakes bring the necessary braking force. You can take the Cicli Cinzia Firenze everywhere: on the train, in the tram or even on the bus.

The Italian design conveys a special attitude towards life.

Frame Hi-Tension folding steel frame height 40 cm fork Hi-Ten Unicrown steel stem, handlebar aluminium chrome-plated steel brake calliper aluminium brake.

Seat post: 250 mm, aluminum. Saddle: Bassano Quake. Pedals: City, resin. Weight: 13.2 kg.
Dimensions when folded: (L x W x H): 80 cm x 40 cm x 70 cm.
Accessories: Mudguard.

Cicli Cinzia Firenze Folding Bike PROS:

  • All components are perfectly matched and give you a unique driving experience.
  • All components provide extreme durability and are designed to make the 20 inch Firenze folding bicycle a trusted companion in everyday life.
  • The colour and style is gorgeous and is very easy to assemble and ride.
  • The Cicli Cinzia Firenze folding bike also comes with a small air pump which fits very nicely on the side of the pannier holder.
  • The quality & look of the bike is excellent.
  • Great saddle & good speed without gears.

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