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Best Hybrid Bikes Under £500

Top 4 Best Hybrid Bikes Under £500 (October 2021)

Hybrid bicycles blend characteristics from more specialised road bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes. The resulting "hybrid" is a general-purpose bike that can tolerate a wide range of riding conditions and applications. Their stability, comfort and ease of use make them popular options for individuals looking to commute, cyclists who are looking for a casual ride and even children or anyone who has little or no experience in cycling. With £500 to spend on the best hybrid bikes we're likely to find some promising options. Especially since initial analysis saw that hybrid bikes under £400 is a pivotal price point.

What To Expect

The best hybrid bikes under £500 are highly likely to have simplistic aluminium frame design. Hybrid bikes often comes with additional features such as mudguards, a pannier rack, a kickstand and dynamo lighting. With a budget of £500 we're going to be on the look out for some of these very features. Performance components however may still be a little out of our price range. Components such as carbon fiber frame material, disc brakes, suspension fork and branded tyres.

What Is A Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid bikes attract a wide range of riders since they are so versatile Some people want a bike that can get them to work and withstand pothole-infested roads. Others want a comfortable ride for weekend adventures that may end up on gravel roads or hiking trails. Then, there are those that want a bicycle to do all of that, plus hold work clothes and groceries while taking the hilly route home.

Despite a hybrid bike having similarities to a combination of a road bike and a mountain bike by choosing one of the budget hybrids you're likely to end up with a bike that lacks practicality. This is due to the hybrid bike trying to be the answer of everything but master of nothing. Riders of hybrid bikes will find that they are slower on pavement than conventional road or touring bikes. Hybrids might also be found lacking in the traction department when riding uphill or traversing uneven or slick surfaces. The pros of this type of bike at this price range are that you can find some great entry level bikes. Some with alloy frame composition and perfectly capable rim brakes.

Who Are Hybrids For?

Hybrid bikes come suitable for all, you can buy a hybrid bike for women and for men. The riding position of a hybrid is suited to those that sit more up right that on a road bike. Hybrid bikes usually have gears and the quality of these components will depend on the budget being spent. Hybrids can be used for recreational purposes, as commuters , for touring, or for fitness training. These versatile bikes come equipped with many of the same features that you’ll find on road and mountain bikes. They’re built for comfort and speed and have a durable frame that’s designed for daily use.

We've collected a list of the best hybrid bikes under £500. Hopefully it will help you find the perfect budget bike you're looking for.

Raleigh Strada TS 2 Hybrid Mountain Bike Image

Raleigh Strada TS 2

  • ✔ Lightweight Aluminium Frame
  • ✔ Front Suspension Fork
  • ✔ 24 Speed Shimano Gearing System
  • ✔ Powerful Hydraulic Disc Brakes

This bike will look great whether you're wearing it on a daily commute or racing down a hill in the Alps.

Raleigh Strada TS 2 Hybrid Mountain Bike - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

Oh, Strada. You're such a great bike brand. We love you. You're dependable, well known, and well built. And we love that you're so affordable (we love bikes that are affordable). We love how eye-catching your colours are: bright orange, blue and green. And we love your name! It's easy to say, it rolls right off the tongue. Joking aside, this is a fantastic bike. The TS2 is a full-speed bike that also happens to be superlight. That means you'll be able to cruise all day long, without fatigue or sore muscles. The incredible wheels are wrapped with grippy Schwalbe Big Ben tyres and they're fitted with easy-rolling 700c Aero rims. And on the road, you'll feel a smooth ride thanks to the fast-rolling 700c wheels.

Well done Raleigh, another tick in the winning column.

Raleigh Pioneer 2 Street Equipped Hybrid Bike Image

Raleigh Pioneer 2 Street Equipped

  • ✔ Aluminium Frame
  • ✔ Rear Storage Rack
  • ✔ Strong Durable Tyres
  • ✔ Comfortable Riding Position

A hardworking bike guaranteed to get you where you want to go. Dependable, comfortable commuter that's loaded with touring features.

Raleigh Pioneer 2 Street Equipped Hybrid Bike - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

With a clean and simple styling, the Pioneer 2 is an entry-level hybrid bike designed for comfort. It features a lightweight aluminium frame, aluminium forks and hybrid-specific wheels. Not only does it look good, it rides well too. The comfortable seating position combined with the smooth-rolling 700c wheels will have you cruising around in no time at all.

Its comfortable geometry and high efficiency make it a joy to ride. The aluminium frame, wheels and fork easily absorb road shocks and the wide gearing provides long distance comfort. The comfortable fit allows riders of all sizes to enjoy their bikes to full potential. High-quality components make it efficient in the city and more capable on the trail. The lightweight aluminium frame paired with a durable, triple butted crankset and gearing provides smooth, efficient pedalling for a ride that lasts all day.

A strong example of what a decent budget can get you in the hybrid market. Check it out for yourself. We give it a solid recommendation.

Raleigh Strada 3 Hybrid Bike Image

Raleigh Strada 3

  • ✔ 27 Speed Shimano Gearing System
  • ✔ Strong Aluminium Frame
  • ✔ Powerful Rim Brakes
  • ✔ Comfortable & Stylish

The Raleigh Strada 3 is an ideal bike for commuting, travelling and riding around town. With 27 gears and rapid fire shifters, this bike will see you climbing hills and speeding through the streets.

Raleigh Strada 3 Hybrid Bike - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now

Your bike is a work of art. It's a reflection of your personality. From the frame to the paint job, it's a statement you make to the world. That's why Raleigh build the Strada 3 out of pure aluminium alloy and paired it with their own custom paint job - just for you.

Strada 3 is the ideal blend of innovations and old-world craftsmanship. Lightweight, comfortable and building on a heritage of quality, Strada 3 delivers the perfect blend of efficiency, performance and comfort.

An impressive bike at a budget price. If you're not looking for an expensive bike and would rather find a hidden gem for very little money. The Strada 3 could be what you're looking for.

Ammaco Pathway X1 Hybrid Bike Image

Ammaco Pathway X1 Hybrid Bike

  • ✔ Exclusive Lightweight Alloy Rigid Sports Frame
  • ✔ Front & Rear V-Brakes
  • ✔ Ergonomic Comfort Handlebar Grips
  • ✔ 21 Speed Shimano ST-EF41 EZ Fire STI Shifters

A stylish Ammaco model, the Pathway X1 has subtle curves built into the frame that give it the class rarely seen in budget Ammaco bikes.

Ammaco Pathway X1 Hybrid Bike - Read Review See The Latest Price On Amazon Now
  • Exclusive Lightweight Alloy Rigid Sports Frame
  • Straight Blade Forks
  • 21 Speed Shimano ST-EF41 EZ Fire STI Shifters (3 x 7)
  • Front & Rear V-Brakes
  • 590mm Wide Flat Bar Handlebars, Adjustable A-Head Handlebar Stem Black
  • Ergonomic Comfort Handlebar Grips
  • Sealed Bottom Bracket
  • Shimano TY-501 Triple Chainset, 175mm Cranks
  • Shimano Tourney TZ Front Derailleur
  • Shimano Tourney Rear Derailleur
  • Shimano TZ500-7 Freewheel
  • Quick Release Seatpost Clamp
  • Sports Saddle
  • Tyres: Mitas Flash 700 x 40c Trekking Reflective
  • Wheels: 700c Q/R Double Wall Rims
  • Weight: 14.3kgs

This bike comes 90% built and will require a simple final assembly.

From gym to uni or from work to pub, this urban hybrid has you covered. Commuting doesn’t need to be just about getting to and from work! Ammaco's Pathway X1 has been designed to bring more fun and adventure to your ride. With a tough, well-designed 6061 alloy frame, you're able to hop a curb and venture off the tarmac tracks, while the Shimano gearing gives top end speed but with plenty of gears for those big climbs.

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