Best Hybrid Bikes Under £200

Best Hybrid Bikes Under £200 - Top 3 (December 2023)

The Best Hybrid Bikes Under £200 (December 2023)

Hybrid bicycles blend characteristics from more specialised road bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes. The resulting "hybrid" is a general-purpose bike that can tolerate a wide range of riding conditions and applications. Their stability, comfort and ease of use make them popular options for individuals looking to commute, cyclists who are looking for a casual ride and even children or anyone who has little or no experience in cycling.

We've collected a list of the best hybrid bikes under £200. Hopefully it will help you find the perfect budget bike you're looking for.

Editors Picks

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Product Professional Bikes Mens City Hybrid Bike Arden Trail Mountain Bike Natural Energy
  • 6 Speed Shimano Revoshift Gearing System
  • Full Length Mudguards
  • Hi-Tensile Steel Frame And Forks
  • 90% Pre-Assembled
  • Hi-Tensile steel frame and forks
  • Rear Shimano derailleur for improved shifting
  • Lightweight alloy rims
  • Easy to use twist grip gear levers
  • 18" Steel Frame
  • Alloy V-Brakes
  • Shimano Tourney TZ 6 Speed x Microshift 6 Speed
  • Alloy Trekking Wheels With Hybrid Tyres
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The Best Hybrid Bikes Under £200 Buyers Guide (December 2023)

  • 1. Professional Bikes Mens City Hybrid Bike
  • 2. Arden Trail Mountain Bike
  • 3. Natural Energy
Professional Bikes Mens City Hybrid Bike Image

Professional Bikes Mens City Hybrid Bike

  • ✔ 6 Speed Shimano Revoshift Gearing System
  • ✔ Full Length Mudguards
  • ✔ Hi-Tensile Steel Frame And Forks
  • ✔ 90% Pre-Assembled

A no thrills solution to the budget hybrid bike market. Looks good, price is good. What's more to say?

Professional Bikes Mens City Hybrid Bike - Read Review Check Latest Price

Enjoy the great outdoors with the Professional City Mens Bike, the Cityprovides a smooth ride while its 6 speed Shimano gear is great for those rural hills. Coupled with the large 700c wheels it is perfect for all occasions, whether it be a ride through town or a leisurely ride through the park. The Professional City hybrid saddle provides superior comfort when going over bumps or rocky road.

  • Hi-Tensile Steel Frame 
  • Hi-Tensile Steel Forks
  • V-Type Brakes
  • Shimano Revoshift 6 Speed Gears
  • Shimano Tourney Rear Derailleur
  • 14-28T Freewheel
  • Full Length Mudguards
  • KMC Chain
  • Sprung Saddle
  • Tyre Size: 700 x 35c
  • Wheel Size: 700c

Having a small budget shouldn't get in the way of you being able to get yourself a sensible, capable bike. The City is exactly that. If you're in the market for an entry model or budget bike then this should be on your rader.

Arden Trail Mountain Bike Image

Arden Trail Mountain Bike

  • ✔ Hi-Tensile steel frame and forks
  • ✔ Rear Shimano derailleur for improved shifting
  • ✔ Lightweight alloy rims
  • ✔ Easy to use twist grip gear levers

The Arden Trail mountain bike has a classic road bike look about it.

Arden Trail Mountain Bike - Read Review Check Latest Price

When we saw the price of the Arden Trail Mountain Bike we thought it was a mistake, however assurances were given that this bike is aimed at the budget market and the price is correct. The bike is no thrills however for the price it’s nothing less than you’d expect. We’ve seen some previous buyers suggest getting a service done just to be sure the setup is correct. Even if you decided to upgrade the seat, pedals and tyres this bike would still come out far cheaper than some of the podium position options mentioned above. If budget is your priority then this bike is well worth a look.

The Arden Trail mountain bike has a classic road bike look about it. It’s simple, sleek design is complemented by it’s vivid red fork. The bulk of the bikes frame is black, matching the saddle, handlebars, gear system and pedals. Honestly I don’t think you can go wrong with black, it looks professional and will allow reflective plates to be as visible as possible throughout the day and night.

The bikes frame is made of hi-tensile steel, it’s strong enough to take a beating off road yet as mentioned above has a minimal, classic look to it. The handlebars are straight and quite comfortable, the bike even comes with a bell for those of you planning on politely passing pedestrians. The handlebars are equipped with easy to use twist grip gear levers  as well as standard brake levers. The gear system of choice on the Arden Trail mountain bike is a 21 speed Shimano one. This is enhanced with a rear Shimano dereailleur system for improved shifting.

The brakes used on the Arden Trail mountain bike are v-type brakes at the front and rear, they’re powerful brakes and more than fit the bill when it comes to stopping the bike quickly and safely. It’s difficult to tell without testing the bike over several months but the pads seem pretty good on the brakes so no concerns there.

The mountain bike comes with lightweight alloy wheels and an ‘in the middle’ tyre, the tread is good enough for off road cycling but still quite suitable for long journeys on smoother surfaces. The main concern with this bike is simply the fact it doesn’t have a suspension system like many other mountain bikes do, however the tyres do dampen a lot of the impact while off road so it’s not really an issue unless you’re giving the bike a real beating.

This bike is very well received online and has a large amount of reviews, feel free to check the price via the button on this page for more information.

Natural Energy Image

Natural Energy

  • ✔ 18" Steel Frame
  • ✔ Alloy V-Brakes
  • ✔ Shimano Tourney TZ 6 Speed x Microshift 6 Speed
  • ✔ Alloy Trekking Wheels With Hybrid Tyres

The Natural Energy bicycle is purpose-built for the rigors of cycling on unpaved trails. With a strong frame, wide tires, comfortable upright riding position, and suspension for riding over rough terrain.

Natural Energy - Read Review Check Latest Price

A desire for adventure is a charming aesthetic. The Natural Energy Men's Trekking Bicycle lacks bells and whistles to refine the basics, instead it is built upon a traditional minimalistic design.

The bicycle was designed to be used for everything from riding around the city to full on trail riding. It features a durable 18" mountain bike frame with a front steel fork.

This bike features the standard Shimano Tourney TZ 6-speed drivetrain. The frame is made of steel and designed for comfort The seat height and handlebars can be adjusted to a level that is comfortable for the rider. The frame is built with the traditional diamond frame style that is lightweight while still being strong.

You might face inclines in the rural setting and so you need the 6 Speed TZ system. While the 700c trekking wheels provide a combination of pace and comfort, with 35c tyres cushion the ride as you cruise the promenade or explore country lanes.

You'll find a V-Brake system to slow your role and mudguards to get you to that job interview or pub lunch as presentable as possible. It is finished in a metallic grey and blue.

The tires are a major component of the bike, and can be considered as the second most important factor after the bike frame. These tires are of the right size, appropriately thick, and suitably strong for this trekking model.

The 700c alloy trekking wheels are light and durable. They are meant to be used on paved trails. This makes them ideal for bikes that will be used on rough and unpaved roads. The 700c Trekking Wheels are made of alloy. They are designed to be easy to install and remove. The sturdy and durable rims are reinforced with double eyelets at the rim joint and feature eyelet screws with a metal lock in the outer rim joint. This provides a secure and reliable fit.

It comes with fenders. The brakes are linear pull brakes and are good quality for the price. It is not heavy, yet sturdy and very well made. Looks great, rides well. Great value for money.

More Information Regarding Hybrid Bikes Under £200 (2023)

What To Expect

The best hybrid bikes under £200 are highly likely to have simplistic aluminium frame design. Hybrid bikes often comes with additional features such as mudguards, a pannier rack, a kickstand and dynamo lighting however with a budget of £200 we're likely to miss out on a few of these luxuries. Not to mention the more performance related components. Components such as carbon fiber frame material, disc brakes, suspension fork and branded tyres.

What Is A Hybrid Bike?

Despite a hybrid bike having similarities to a combination of a road bike and a mountain bike by choosing one of the budget hybrids you're likely to end up with a bike that lacks practicality. This is due to the hybrid bike trying to be the answer of everything but master of nothing. The pros of this type of bike at this price range are that you can find some great entry level bikes. Some with alloy frame composition and perfectly capable rim brakes.

Hybrid bikes come suitable for all, you can buy a hybrid bike for women and for men. The riding position of a hybrid is suited to those that sit more up right that on a road bike. Hybrid bikes usually have gears and the quality of these components will depend on the budget being spent.

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