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Reggie has been riding the Rocker BMX range professionally for some time and this is one of 2 designs he’s helped create. The REGGIE Rocker RAW Mini BMX has been created using Reggie’s specific size and customisations.

  • Rigid lightweight frame-set new JT Coaster
  • Chunky resized Mini versions of BMX to be designed to take a lot of adult abuse
  • New fork reduced clearance for easier foot jams, tapered stays, angled collar and micro drop out for a super clean looking backend
  • Road Rocker Pro tires (aftermarket up to 80 psi)
  • Important: this bike has no brakes. It is sold only for off-road use. It is specially designed for off-road racing on closed tracks. We do not offer a bicycle kit, as it is for not being used on the road.

Generic Information Regarding Rocker BMXs

For those of you out there who have been waiting for a PROPER mini BMX, one that can deliver everything that a full custom 20” BMX can deliver, this is the one for you. All parts must be tightened before use You will notice that with the freecoaster hub you pedal for more time before starting to gain momentum. This phenomenon is called “slack” and can be adjusted without having to remove the wheel. Mini BMX bikes are not designed for driving on the road and as a means of transport. They are specific for closed tracks or for having fun in skate parks.