Are Mountain Bikes Harder To Ride?

Are Mountain Bikes Harder To Ride? Feature Image

If you are buying a bike for the first time, or have been out of biking for a while, you may be confused about whether you should get a mountain bike or a road bike. Mountain bikes are known for their toughness and ability to ride almost any terrain. However, it is important to know that mountain bikes are not as easy to ride as you might think. Mountain biking is an exciting sport. It can take place in many different locations, and allows you to ride with your friends and family. However, mountain bikes tend to be harder to ride than regular bikes. Without the right skill, you may find yourself in a dangerous situation.

What are mountain bikes?

Mountain bikes are special bikes designed for use in mountainous terrain. They are specifically designed to be used for off-road riding. Mountain bike riding is quite popular because mountain biking is good exercise. They are also a fun way of spending time with family and friends. Racing is another popular type of mountain bike riding. They are also used in leisure activities such as cross country skiing, snow shoeing, dog sledding, and backpacking. Off road mountain biking is also a very popular form of winter sport and come in many different sizes and styles.

Mountain bikes are designed to be used off road

Mountain bike rides normally have the rider going through thick grass, mud or sandy terrains. They are designed to be used on off road conditions, which means, you have to have experience in riding mountain bikes to use them properly. Most mountain bikers prefer flat terrain, which is suitable for mountain bikes. If you want to do extreme mountain biking then, it is better to buy a road bike. Mountain bikes are harder to fit Mountain bikes are generally wider and taller than a normal road bike. If you are not familiar with mountain biking, it is advisable to get used to the bike before you start using it on trails.

Why are mountain bikes harder to ride than road bikes?

Mountain bikes are much heavier than road bikes which makes them harder to ride. If you weigh less, then a road bike is easier to ride than a mountain bike. Road bikes are easier to ride on smooth tarmac. They are more stable because they are heavier than mountain bikes. It is easier for you to steer because the front wheel usually has a thinner tyre than the chunky tyres found on mountain bikes.

Riding A Mountain Bike Can Require Experience

Riding a mountain bike is not as easy as you think. Mountain bikes are meant for off road trails and riding on flat surfaces is not a problem but when it comes to difficult terrain it can be very hard to even keep balance. It is not that mountain bikes can’t handle rough terrain and tougher conditions. However, it is the rider’s lack of balance, skill and strength that makes it more difficult for them to do so.

The right bike is very much a personal choice for many people but, in general, mountain bikes are more suited to off road trails that road bikes. They’re usually heavier and stronger but you’ll need to have good balance and be comfortable with the danger of potentially falling into ravines if you take them onto the track. You may also want to consider electric mountain bikes as another alternative. They’re fast enough for the road whilst still being sturdy enough for off-road traction when travelling on soft terrain or steep slopes.

What are the benefits of mountain bikes?

Mountain bikes offer you a number of benefits. You can go places a road bike couldn’t. Therefore providing access to the whole world on a mountain bike. It is ideal for rural tours and shorter distances. You can ride it to work and back, in town or across the county. The tire size of mountain bikes allow you to take on gravel roads, paved roads, rough and technical terrain. Mountainsides and other areas prone to loose debris are often safe on mountain bikes. Although better suited on a road bike, commuting is possible with a mountain bike as well. The top gear of mountain bikes allows you to travel long distances.

What are the disadvantages of mountain bikes?

Besides the obvious disadvantages like being heavier than road bikes and having worse on-road handling compared to road bikes. There are some disadvantages that you should consider when looking at buying a mountain bike. Mountain bikes are often very expensive. Due to the number of features they have. Features such as larger wheels with chunky tyres, powerful disc brakes systems and mountain bike suspension forks.


Road bikes are far easier to ride than mountain bikes, when you are going for a leisure ride. However, mountain bikes are much more comfortable to ride on rough terrain and also have a lot of stability.

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