Kalkhoff Durban Compact City Bike

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The Kalkhoff Durban Compact G8 bicycle is another cleverly-designed German-made city bike for the modern urbanite. It is lightweight, robust and very reasonably priced. In keeping with the ‘less is more’ concept this new Kalkhoff Durban model is based on the lightweight, durable ‘Groove Go’ rear wheel system.

The Durban Compact offers impressive agility as a family bike for daily use, and also performs exceptionally well through zig-zagging back street short-cuts. Its short wheelbase means it can be stored and transported in all sorts of tight spaces. It’s the lightest bike from 50cycles at 19.6kg. The Schwalbe Big Ben tyres look the business and take the edges off rough terrain.

Tektro hydraulic brakes

It’s been some years since Kalkhoff dropped cable-pull brakes on their most popular models. Tektro hydraulic piston design makes braking easy, well-modulated and reliable over time. There are no cables to stretch, the whole surface of the brake pad is applied to the disc, pads last for ages and braking is strong and sure-footed.

Front and rear lights

The lights on this and all Kalkhoffs are excellent. Few bikes on sale in the UK benefit from front and rear illumination of this quality and utility. The front lamp casts 30 lux of cool, bright LED light forward, enough to make night rides across the park something to enjoy rather than endure.

This is one cool looking machine, we really like it. We’ll be keeping our eye on other Kalkhoff bikes to feature in some of our other lists. For now, check this one out for sure!