eelo 1885 Folding Electric Bike

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  • PERFECT FOR STORAGE: The folding frame allows you to simply store the bike in the tightest of places like under a work desk, boot of a car or even into a carry bag when not in use, making the bike very managable when storing. The frame is aluminium keeping the bike incredibly lightweight at only 16.5kg. Folded Size: 60cm x 38cm x 58cm.
  • IMPROVED BATTERY PERFORMANCE: Our partnership with LG has lead to the development of Advanced Battery Management which intelligently protects the battery from over strain when cycling up hill or into strong winds.The battery sits in the central top tube which protects the battery and will make charging far easier than most electric bikes. This in turn preserves the battery life much longer than most electric bikes. Our battery is capable of charging in 4-6 hours and can last up to 40 miles.
  • THUMB THROTTLE CONTROL: Giving the rider complete control over how much assistance they want from the battery. The rider can choose to have very little assistance or can let the battery do all the work giving the cyclist a effortless ride without having to change gears, and reach up to 15mph.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL LCD DISPLAY: Designed to keep the rider aware of their current speed, current battery status and the outside temperature. The back-lit display has also been designed to be completely waterproof.
  • SAFETY IN MIND: Our eelo bikes all come fitted with high quality LED lights for night riding safety. Disc brakes also ensure bikes braking distance is reduced adding to the safety of the rider.

The ideal choice for the train commuter, caravanner, boating enthusiast or those that want to pop it into the car boot and take off to the countryside for the day.

The brushless 250W Motor and the EELO Intelligent Controller give the most responsive and energy efficient ride experience. All EELO e-bikes can comfortably take you up any hill and make riding easy against strong winds. All motors are completely maintenance free. For the added protection of your electric bicycle, EELO e-bikes are equipped with an advanced battery management system. The E-BMS intelligently monitors and protects your battery and motor to prevent damage caused by overstrain. Recently EELO have partnered with LG to provide even better battery quality and performance.

For those who want the convenience of a folding bike but don’t want to be without the assistance of electric power, here is the 1885 from Eelo. Two main points are likely to draw a buyer towards the Eelo — its cheapness and its lightness. Folding bikes will always feature some sort of compromise in terms of geometry, and the 14in Eelo is a classic example. Its wheelbase, for example, is a full 7.5in shorter than that of a Brompton folder, while its chainstays are so small that a rider is placed almost directly over the rear hub.

This lightweight bike is designed with ultra-smart alloy wheels, vented disc brakes and on-board computer with controls to operate essential LEDs kept within reach. Quick and effortless to set up in less than 30 seconds, it’s perfect for quick rides and commuting. The alloy wheels add an extra layer of confidence as they keep punctures at bay whilst the front and back brake pads offer supreme quality as you ride with no fussy cables.


Here are some previous customer remarks that might help you make up your mind.

“Excellent piece of kit. Does what it says on the description.”

“Just push a button to change the gears up or down.”

“Completed our needs for a foldable, electric bike to keep in our touring caravan.”

“This is a really great little bike.”

“A wonderful bicycle done over 2 hundred miles on it i the last 3 week with no problems.”

“It folds really small, seems sturdy, goes well. Really pleased with it.”