E-Ranger Ovestdsil Overlander Electric Mountain Bike

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  • e-Ranger is the only place you can buy a genuine new e-Ranger electric bike, buy with confidence
  • A range of 30–50 miles per charge depending on level of pedalling and terrain. 9 levels of power-assist available when pedalling
  • Styled to look like and ride like a conventional bike, with the benefit of an electrical motor
  • This bike is suitable for people between 5′ 3″–5′ 10″ approx. (taller people may want to consider our XL range)
  • Fun to ride, allows you to cycle further than a normal bike while exercising to your level

The e-Ranger Overlander Standard Silver is a great example of a quality built and value for money electric bike.  This model is suitable for people who are around 5’3″ – 5’10” in height. The crossbar design gives you a robust frame, which allows you to tackle the most demanding rides, as well as giving you a comfortable to ride.  You can also buy one of our double panniers to add to the bike for some useful storage. The bike is fully road legal, no road tax or driving licence required and you are able to use cycle paths. Though not legally required, we recommend you wear a suitable helmet and insure your e-Ranger bike.  Our electric bikes are suitable for ages 14 and over.

Benefits of buying an e-Ranger bike

With the ever increasing cost of motoring, buying an electric bike could be the smart choice for you.  There are other benefits too from buying an e-Ranger electric bike…

  • Commuting to and from work: no more wasting time stuck in traffic, and a far cheaper mode of transport.
  • Caravans and motorhomes: perfect for getting around and exploring while you’re away.
  • Fitness and wellbeing: there are so many benefits from regular exercise.  An e-Ranger electric bike allows you to control the level of exertion that is right for you.
  • The environment: with 0% emissions, riding an e-Ranger electric bike means you’re helping to reduce pollution.

The lithium battery

The lithium battery gives you a range of approximately 30-50 miles; this can be extended by pedalling and using the 9 levels of power assist to manage the battery usage.  The battery is good for 500 recharges and takes 4-5 hours to recharge from flat.  If cared for correctly, you should expect a lifespan of 5 years plus from your battery.

Power Assisted System (PAS)

As soon as you start pedalling, the Power Assisted System (PAS) gives you power smoothly as you start pedalling, and the 9 separate power levels determine your speed and degree of effort.  When you stop pedalling the motor cuts out.  An e-Ranger bike can be used as a normal pedal bike when the motor is switched off.

Road Legal

The bike is fully road legal, no road tax or driving licence required and you are able to use cycle paths. Though not
legally required, we recommend a helmet and insurance. Suitable for any age 14 and upwards.