DOMDIL Country Mountain Bike

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As with buying any non-premium branded mountain bike there is a risk involved. However with a restricted budget, you’re left with considerably fewer bikes to choose from. This bike has the makings of a decent budget mountain bike. It comes with a 21 speed unbranded gearing system complete with shifters that sit on a very ergonomically designed handlebar setup.

The bike comes with disc brakes which is a surprise considering the bikes cost. Again they’re unbranded so don’t expect the same stopping power as some of the big brands on the market. The Country mountain bike has a stylish saddle and comes with pedals as well as front and rear mudguards.

All in all this is an interesting offering from DOMDIL. The bike is certainly a budget model however it does look to have a few aces up its sleeve. The bike ships from Germany according to the listing so expect a slight delay on delivery. Taking approximately 5-10 working days to arrive. If you’re not planning on pushing your bike to the extreme then this DOMDIL might be a cheap option for you.