Barracuda Draco 2 Mountain Bike

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In the second generation of Draco mountain bikes, Barracuda built on their proven technology and upgraded their mountain bike to a higher level. They designed the frame from the ground up, ensuring that this mountain bike is extremely durable, while featuring a super comfortable ride. It also comes with a hardtail suspension system for more control and stability at higher speeds (or just riding down the local trail).

The Draco 2 mountain bike is now even more powerful and durable than before and is packed with innovative features such as the front suspension, a hardtail design, and aluminium frame for strength and light weight. The high-performance suspension will help smooth out your ride in any direction to give you a comfortable ride that is dependable and reliable.

It’s a sturdy bike that will last you for years, with parts available or easy to replace. There’s no need to splash out on top-shelf components when you can get the same quality at a great price. A great improvement on an already phenomenal bike.