DRAKE18 Fat Bike Mountain Bike

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  • Aviation aluminium alloy material, lightweight riser full DB tube + 3D light forging process. Scrub straight, comfortable to use.
  • It adopts mechanical disc brakes, which can be retracted freely, with better safety and durability, and more comfortable and comfortable to touch.
  • Using high-quality finger-shifting transmission, making shifting more labor-saving and smoother
  • Advanced operating design, low friction joints and low tension tension springs significantly reduce the required switching of the derailleur regardless of the position of the teeth. High-tensile steel plate is nickel-plated, with control design, low focus, high wear resistance and durability
  • Ergonomic saddle, perfectly set off the buttocks, compound hip curve, does not affect the pedalling, can help transfer the centre of gravity when riding.

This bike doesn’t have much detail available online. We’ve made a special note to continue the search for to provide you with more important information as and when we find it. For the time being we’ve researched what little information we can find and all seems overwhelmingly positive.

This bike certainly looks the part and the price is modest enough that we feel it is something we could offer as a suggestion on any of our recommendation lists. If this changes, we’ll remove this bike immediately.

That being said, take a look and see what you think. As we said before, it looks sporty and ready for business.