What Sort Of Bike Should I Get To Commute To Work?

What Sort Of Bike Should I Get To Commute To Work? Feature Image

When you decide to start cycling to work, you have to make some decisions on what type of commuting bike to get and how to use it.  The first thing you need to consider is what type of bike you need.  Do you want a bike that is good for commuting, or do you need something that is good for racing?

For many commuters, the decision to walk, bike or drive to work is a daily balancing act. While driving is convenient, it can cost a lot in time and money. Pedalling to work is good for your health, but you may not have time to shower or change when you get to the office. Walking is a good way to get the exercise you need. But it can be a hassle to find a safe route and carry your work clothes in a backpack all day. When you’re getting ready to make the decision about how to commute to work. It’s important to consider your own needs and lifestyle.

Cycling To Work

While the phrase “commuting by bike” might conjure images of Lycra-clad road warriors battling traffic, it’s actually a practical, healthy and eco-friendly way to get to and from work. In fact, some cities have introduced incentives to get more of their employees pedalling to work, and for good reason.

The type of commuting bike you choose depends on the type of commute you have. Decide whether you want to travel on roads, dirt tracks or a little bit of both. If you often ride in the dark, decide whether you want a bike with lights. Think about whether you want to carry things with you and if so, how much. If you want to carry a laptop, for example, you’ll need a bag which may affect your bike choice.

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