Useful Equipment To Buy For Your Road Bike

Useful Equipment To Buy For Your Road Bike Feature Image

It doesn’t matter if you are a new cyclist, or a seasoned pro, one thing is certain: you need a decent set of bike accessories. These will help keep you safe, keep you seen and keep you prepared incase something happens. Here we cover 6 of the most important tools and items you need to carry with you at all times when out on your road bike.

Reflective Helmet

A reflective helmet is a must-have for cyclists as it helps you be seen by cars, other cyclists and pedestrians. Investing in this accessory will also help keep your head protected.

Puncture Repair Kit

A puncture repair kit is an essential item that every cyclist should have. It’s a must-have if you are riding in rough terrain or if you’re carrying spare tubes and tools on your bike. You never know when you might need them!

If you’re lucky enough to live near the road where there is a bike shop, then it might be worth it just to go pick up your own puncture repair kit. But if not, there are plenty of options online for affordable products that will work just as well.

Front And Rear Lights

When you’re out on the road, it can be easy to lose track of your surroundings. That’s why front and rear lights are so important. They will help you see the way around, and they’ll also help others see you.

These tools are essential for those who go out at night or into the woods. Front lights will illuminate where you are going, while rear lights will alert others that there is a cyclist nearby.

Front and rear lights can also be used as safety accessories in case something happens. You could use them in an emergency to summon help if needed.

Aluminium Water Bottle

Carrying water on a ride is essential, especially if you are doing intervals. A lightweight aluminium bottle will not only stay with you throughout your ride, but it will help you keep cool and hydrated. If you do get caught out and have to stop by the roadside for a long time. Water is something you’ll really thank yourself for bringing.

Small First Aid Kit

One of our 6 most important items is a small first aid kit or kit-on-the-go. This contains items like bandages, adhesive tape, and sterile gauze pads as well as pain relief spray. You will also need to have a decent pair of sunglasses, which protect you from the sun and reduce glare.

You should also have anything else you would need for an emergency such as your phone charger or a spare bike pump in your bag or pocket. The last item we recommend adding to your bag is an energy bar or snack that will provide fuel when you’re out on the road. These are particularly useful if you plan to be out on the bike for a long time as they will keep you going.

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Allen Key Tool Kit

When you are out on your bike, there are certain things that you will need to do periodically. These include checking your brakes and lubing the chain. This is where a set of Allen keys come in handy. They also make it easy for you to take off the pedals or loosen any bolts or other components necessary for maintenance. A set of Allen keys will be helpful for many different things when riding a bike.

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