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Can I Take A Folding Bike On A Bus

Can I Take A Folding Bike On A Bus?

If you frequently find yourself on a bus. Wishing you had your bike with you, you might consider investing in a folding bike. These folding bikes are small enough that they can be easily transported with you by bus or car, or by train.

The number of cyclists in the United Kingdom has risen to a record high. With one in five Greater London workers cycling to work, according to official figures. The bike sales figures show a steady increase over the past few years. With 880,000 cyclists travelling to work in 2016, compared to 700,000 in 2007. The rise in cycling is thought to be partly down to the fact that there is more bike-friendly infrastructure in the UK than ever before. But with more cyclists on the road, it has become even more important to ensure that all cyclists are equipped with the right safety gear. As well as knowing how to share the road with other road users.

Transportation Rules For Folding Bikes

The rules vary from transport provider to transport provider. But theres one simple rule that applies to all public transport providers. You can generally take your folding bike on the bus. As long as you can fold it up and fit it in a standard-sized bike box.

Taking a folding bike on a bus can be a great way to travel. However as with all things, there are some rules and tips that will make sure that your journey goes smoothly. The first thing to remember is that you cannot take your bike on a bus if it is not folded up. To keep things simple, your bike must be completely folded. With all of its handlebars, wheels, pedals and other moving parts folded in. You can take your bike on a bus, but remember that you may not be able to take it on a bus at all times. Especially during busy periods.

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